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Egyptian Mau walks into my life — 4 Comments

  1. I too had a absolutely lovely and incredibly friendly neutered male cat walk up to me in our driveway–I fed him and took care of him for about 2 years…neighbors sort of claimed him but clearly, he belonged to no one. He developed an abscess by a molar tooth and looked miserable–face swollen–so I took him to the vet. She remarked about his size–14 lbs, and beautiful coat and light green electric eyes…as she examined him, we talked about his sketchy history. She scanned him for a ID chip and sure enough, he turned out to be a shelter rescue from Big Island, Hawaii…As she looked him over, she said repeatedly “this boy looks like a Mau/tabby mix” She pulled up everything she could about Maus, and he hit everything on the mark, except for large size, and four white paws–front pads black and white, back pads black, skin flap from mid-abdomen-to groin, chest collar, and those eyes! And what a personality! What a talker! She gave him some antibiotic and he was fine 3 days later…I still take care of this marvelous boy who insists on being held/carried up high on my neck-shoulders and is quite the lovey-dovey guy. I would call him a spiritual cat, he has a way of showing up when I am feeling down, and fiercely protects “his” back lanai off my bedroom. He is a ferocious birder and mouser, and climbs trees and telephone poles as if “catapulted” off a trampoline…he’s been seen up on every roof in our neighborhood. I also feel blessed to have this happy, friendly boy in my life, as others here have said…also, he is absolutely fastidious about his shiny bronze broken-mackerel with black pattern spots coat. Never a hair out of place.

    • He sounds like a tremendous cat. Loved your comment. And you have a lovely relationship. Fantastic. Thanks for sharing, m.k.

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