Eight Cats Shot In The Head

Eight Cats Shot In The Head

by Elisa Black-Taylor

Here we go again, dear readers. Another of the stories I hate having to write but which I hope will bring the person who shot eight cats to justice. Again I feel the need to warn all cat lovers there are people in this world who get their kicks from torturing and killing pets.

This crime occurred in Salisbury, NC on February 10, 2011 in the Leonard Road area. Anyone with information should contact Animal Control at 704-216-7768. Eight cats and one possum were reported dead on the side of the road by a lady who lives in the area.

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Upon investigation, animal control officers found a flattened box and eight cats and one possum. Seven of the cats had been shot between the eyes. Clai Martin, Rowan County Animal Control Supervior, told WBTV the cats were probably trapped and then shot.

Leonard Road is less than five miles long and the police and animal control have questioned residents with no success at finding the piece of human garbage who shot and killed these eight cats. The possum didn’t deserve this either. This is a nice residential animal loving neighborhood where this kind of crime is beyond comprehension.

Residents are worried and hope someone will turn this person in. I can about guarantee someone out there is bragging to his buddies about this.

I know a lot of you have outdoor cats, but it’s stories like this that convinced me long ago that the only way a cat can be protected from cat hating monsters is to keep your cat indoors or outside in a safe cat enclosure.

My question for today is have any of the readers made their cats indoor only dwellers due to the violence being committed against cats?





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Eight Cats Shot In The Head

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Oct 24, 2011
Not so bad a guy
by: Anonymous

I don’t quite understand what all the fuss is about. Whoever exterminated these cats got rid of eight rodents that luckily won’t get the opportunity to reproduce and spread disease. I don’t get why exterminating rats is acceptable but killing a cat is animal cruelty. They can both be filthy and dangerous when in the wild. Sure, this could have been carried out better, but in the end the person probably did everyone in the county a small service. Unless one or more of those cats were pets, of course.

Feb 22, 2011
Another sick individual
by: Leah (England)

Yet another sick loser who makes up for their inadequacies by killing innocent animals.

Well I hope they get their reward from someone is an animal lover, someone who knows who they are and what they’ve done and has the guts (unlike this murderer) to do something about it.

Feb 18, 2011
by: Michael

Hi Elisa. I find these examples of deviant human behavior very sad. The person who did it must be messed up and he (probably) has a long way to go in life (probably) and he is going to be miserable. In the meantime cats are being cruelly slaughtered. It’s plain sad.

Feb 17, 2011
by: Marc

Good question, and it’s my biggest fear that something hellish would happen to any of my cat’s at the hands of a cruel human. I could honestly think of nothing worse. But I can’t bring myself to keep them locked up inside either. Even if they don’t spend alot of time outside, like in winter, they still seem to need it. I lock them inside on St Patricks day, because of all the drunk idiots wandering around my neighbourhood, and sometimes I will lock them inside if I hear of pet abuse in the neighbourhood, but just for a few days at most. They get so depressed when they can’t go outside.

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