Eight-year-old Does Not Want Presents. She Wants to Help Animals

Every child should be like this child. That is a bold statement and it is unrealistic. The world would be a lot better, however, for animals and therefore for us as well, if every child was like this child.

Jordan Lansing in animal shelter
Jordan Lansing in animal shelter
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I am writing about an eight-year-old American girl whose name is Jordan Lansing. For her birthday she decided that she no longer wanted presents. She wanted pet food that she could give away to a local animal shelter. That is special in itself in a modern world where we are familiar with seeing children who have everything, possibly too much too soon, which raises their expectations unrealistically and possibly spoils them.

However, Jordan wants to do the same thing every year until she qualifies as a veterinary surgeon. Obviously, Jordan loves animals and she has made up her mind very early in her life what she wants to do. Is it unusual for someone so young to develop such a deep love for animals? I have to give a lot of credit to her parents. I would like to have a chat with them to find out what they did if anything to bring into the world a child who will contribute to its betterment and you can’t ask more of a child than that.

Jordan forsook her birthday presents so that she could help the animal shelter. The shelter supervisor says that it was a very welcome gift because they are on a tight budget and require donations for food.

I hope that other children take notice of Jordan’s gift and copy it. If more children did this, and had these thoughts, we would be creating a better world for the future because there is no doubt in my mind that the world is becoming more difficult for animals particularly animals living in the wild and that problem needs to be addressed.

In giving up her birthday presents on a permanent basis for the sake of animals, this is a gift to herself, as well, because she wants to help and in helping she will feel better, she will feel useful and she will feel that she is making a difference in her own way. In giving one also gives to oneself.

Do you know a child like Jordan? I’ve always said that parents should spend some of their time encouraging their children to have a high regard for animals and to respect them. It is probably the only way, in the long term, that will save the endangered species, of which there are many, from extinction in the wild.

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5 thoughts on “Eight-year-old Does Not Want Presents. She Wants to Help Animals”

  1. wow good on her, takes a special kind of person esp a child she must have empathy and feelings. Great to see she doesnt want presents. i Bet her parents would be proud i know if she was my child id be so proud and happy. 🙂

  2. Bless her what an adorable little girl and a credit to her parents she has such a kind heart, and I think it was so nice of the shelter supervisor to acknowledge that her gift had made a difference to them because of their tight budget

  3. What a lovely little girl Jordan is, I’d be so proud to have her as my daughter.
    If only the world was full of kind people like her it would be a much nicer place.

  4. What an amazing child she seems wise beyond her years. I wonder what input her parents have had to make her so compassionate about animals? I remember you did an article about whether a love for animals is learned or is already in there somewhere. I wonder what the story is with this little one? I would love to know 🙂

    Like you Michael I don’t think there is enough respect and care for animals when rearing children 🙁

    • She is a lovely girl and if I were her parents I would be very proud. I’m sure there’s been some parental input but I’m also sure that one’s love of animals is hardwired into a person, it is inherited in the genes and part of a person’s DNA. She will no doubt become a great veterinarian and you know what, it is fantastic for a child to have a clear vision of what she or he wants to do the rest of their lives because it cuts out as an awful lot of uncertainty and gives the child a lot of confidence and focus.


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