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Eight-year-old Does Not Want Presents. She Wants to Help Animals — 5 Comments

  1. wow good on her, takes a special kind of person esp a child she must have empathy and feelings. Great to see she doesnt want presents. i Bet her parents would be proud i know if she was my child id be so proud and happy. 🙂

  2. Bless her what an adorable little girl and a credit to her parents she has such a kind heart, and I think it was so nice of the shelter supervisor to acknowledge that her gift had made a difference to them because of their tight budget

  3. What a lovely little girl Jordan is, I’d be so proud to have her as my daughter.
    If only the world was full of kind people like her it would be a much nicer place.

  4. What an amazing child she seems wise beyond her years. I wonder what input her parents have had to make her so compassionate about animals? I remember you did an article about whether a love for animals is learned or is already in there somewhere. I wonder what the story is with this little one? I would love to know 🙂

    Like you Michael I don’t think there is enough respect and care for animals when rearing children 🙁

    • She is a lovely girl and if I were her parents I would be very proud. I’m sure there’s been some parental input but I’m also sure that one’s love of animals is hardwired into a person, it is inherited in the genes and part of a person’s DNA. She will no doubt become a great veterinarian and you know what, it is fantastic for a child to have a clear vision of what she or he wants to do the rest of their lives because it cuts out as an awful lot of uncertainty and gives the child a lot of confidence and focus.

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