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Eight-year-old Girl Beats Companion Animal But This is Not a Crime — 3 Comments

  1. Texas, ofcourse, the mentally impaired and embarrassment of our country. Drink, whoop ass, shoot…
    That state has no regard for human life much less animals. They are #1 in executions.
    It’s a sad tale; but, the child is faultless because that’s how she was raised, I’m sure.

  2. Now we just need to prosecute everyone whose cat dies from their criminal negligence of letting their pet roam free. I mean, if we really want to stop the cycle of animal-neglect and animal-endangerment, lets start with harshly fining and punishing the parents and adults that promote it as “normal” and “accepted” in society. But you won’t publish this, because you’d be the first to spend time in a jail-cell.

    • Your argument means that nearly all the people of Europe would instantly become criminals and be harshly fined. Actually it goes wider than that because only in America are cats keep in so much but half the population do let them outside. So, sorry, your are not thinking straight as usual. And you are biased as usual. Please don’t comment anymore because your comments don’t make sense. You are out of step with society and the thinking of the majority including the law makers.

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