Elderly female cat attacks seven pit bull dogs

A female cat who adopted her owner sixteen years ago, which means she is elderly, attacked a bunch of seven pit bull dogs who were walking past the home where she lives. The home is in Victoria, Canada.

Female cat attacks pit bull dogs
Female cat attacks pit bull dogs. I believe that this is Baby
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It is believed she was instinctively protecting her human companion, Del Thompson. Her name is “Baby”. At the time Del was doing some gardening. I should think that he was in the front garden (yard). Baby must have felt (perhaps sensibly) that Del was in danger. She, herself, had no regard for her own safety.

The dogs were in the care of a dog walker at the time. They weren’t doing anything to give the impression that they posed a threat except by their presence.

Baby attacked all seven dogs. She swiped at them with her front claws. She latched onto one of the dog’s faces. I believe that this dog, owned by Javiera Rodriguez and called Bandida, needed veterinary treatment.

The dog walker intervened to separate cat and dogs and was scratched and bitten. He spent the whole night in hospital.

Mr Rodriguez was reimbursed by Del Thompson to cover the vet’s bill. Mr Thompson said:

“….she is very protective of me. She’s a watchdog and doesn’t know it.”

Comment: Amazing and fearless. Mother cats are fearless in protecting family. As mentioned she had no regard for her own well being. The dogs seem to have not retaliated. Cats can inflict a lot of damage with their claws when in full attack mode. They can be scarily efficient in hurting their victim. There is nothing in a comprehensive book I have on mother cats defending young when raising her offspring or defending the family unit. We do know it happens and there are videos on YouTube on this.

Source: Yahoo News

12 thoughts on “Elderly female cat attacks seven pit bull dogs”

  1. My take, that could be wrong ofcourse, is that the dogs were too close for comfort for Baby. It was a territorial issue as opposed to protecting her caretaker.

  2. If it was a dog that ran off from the owner’s property and attacked seven cats on the sidewalk, you’d all be clamouring for that dog to be put-down as a dangerous wild animal. And rightly it should, as it would in the USA where people are sane about animal-ownership and their legal, moral, and civic responsibilities. So too should that cat be destroyed now.

    It’s stories like this that show the whole world for what you truly are — complete and total criminally-irresponsible hypocrites.

    • Oh dear…you are a bit mad I am afraid. The scenario that you propose (dog attacks cats) is completely different. Dogs are far more dangerous. They can kill a person. Also if a dog attacked cats it would not be put down. You have it wrong on both counts.

  3. I’ve had several pitties and pittie mixes during my life. They have all been very loving toward the whole family-kids, cats, rabbits goats horses, fowl of various kinds, and whatever else happened to be in residence. I was given a pit mix that came from a bad environment and his dog family were know throughout the community as vicious animals (and they were). Bruno was the kindest, gentlest dog and he loved kids. He and the cats were best friends and would sleep together.

    The best baby-sitter I’ve ever had was my male bluepoint Siamese, BooBoo. He guarded all 3 of my children from the time I brought them home from the hospital, until the day he passed away in the arms of my oldest. He ruled the roost and everyone in it.

  4. IMO male cats are a bit more gregarious than female, so are more likely to protect in situations. It doesn’t just have to be about food or territory or mating either, as behaviorists and the general pop are finally starting to learn. Rightly, it was surmised that the cat in this case was protecting the human and clearly doesn’t like dogs, perhaps especially pit bulls.


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