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Elderly female cat attacks seven pit bull dogs — 12 Comments

  1. My take, that could be wrong ofcourse, is that the dogs were too close for comfort for Baby. It was a territorial issue as opposed to protecting her caretaker.

  2. If it was a dog that ran off from the owner’s property and attacked seven cats on the sidewalk, you’d all be clamouring for that dog to be put-down as a dangerous wild animal. And rightly it should, as it would in the USA where people are sane about animal-ownership and their legal, moral, and civic responsibilities. So too should that cat be destroyed now.

    It’s stories like this that show the whole world for what you truly are — complete and total criminally-irresponsible hypocrites.

    • Oh dear…you are a bit mad I am afraid. The scenario that you propose (dog attacks cats) is completely different. Dogs are far more dangerous. They can kill a person. Also if a dog attacked cats it would not be put down. You have it wrong on both counts.

  3. I’ve had several pitties and pittie mixes during my life. They have all been very loving toward the whole family-kids, cats, rabbits goats horses, fowl of various kinds, and whatever else happened to be in residence. I was given a pit mix that came from a bad environment and his dog family were know throughout the community as vicious animals (and they were). Bruno was the kindest, gentlest dog and he loved kids. He and the cats were best friends and would sleep together.

    The best baby-sitter I’ve ever had was my male bluepoint Siamese, BooBoo. He guarded all 3 of my children from the time I brought them home from the hospital, until the day he passed away in the arms of my oldest. He ruled the roost and everyone in it.

  4. IMO male cats are a bit more gregarious than female, so are more likely to protect in situations. It doesn’t just have to be about food or territory or mating either, as behaviorists and the general pop are finally starting to learn. Rightly, it was surmised that the cat in this case was protecting the human and clearly doesn’t like dogs, perhaps especially pit bulls.

  5. (sigh) Any time pit bulls are mentioned…
    Yes there is plenty of evidence that cats are protective as well as many other things routinely regarded as “dog-like”. It has only been due to the internet that we as pet guardians have become slightly more educated about them. I have witness my cats on numerous occasions jumping into protective and even police-mode to maintain order in society. Tara is due a mention here (who saved her boy human from dog attack last year), and I have seen my own cat run to intervene a dog attacking a young lad. One thing I’ve been thinking of lately is that cats are more pre-emptive than us even. Think about it; when you give a cat medicine, they seem to know it’s coming the next time way before you even get to the cupboard. They watch our hands as much as dogs do and remember what you did before “the medicine” last time. Even we are ill equipped to recount crimes, for example, in eye witness testimony, which is why detectives question victims immediately if not sooner. We’ll make up stuff to fill in gaps in our memory. Cats have excellent four dimensional memory and problem solving ability (which is why they are busy mapping a strange room they’ve been brought into, like the vet’s office, already planning an escape).

  6. we SHOULD try to remember that these dogs were NOT trying anything & that the cat just acted preemptively. we should ALSO keep in mind that pit bulls are NOT “inherently” vicious or “mean”.once they go into “attack mode” they are the least likely to back down though. like most dogs, & other pets, they CAN get vicious, but thats usually if they are not cared for lovingly, & not trained properly. some of the most docile breeds will become/behave violently if abused, attacked, or taught to be an “attack dog” by someone untrained in the proper methods(they showed something like that in the tv show BONES i believe). its a kinda cute story, & it shows the lengths a female cat will go to to protect a caregiver it feels is in danger, but in the end i feel bad for the dogs & the walker. i AM interested in whether a male cat would do the same or if THIS behavior is gender-specific…not that i think MY boys would do anything, but thats mainly cuz Blake is a coward & Lex would probably try to “ride” the dogs(or see how many times he could jump over them) instead of fight them. hes kind of a weird one, my kitty, but i love him to pieces!

  7. Wow! I just finished reading about dangerous pit bulls mauling and killing people. I always thought it was how they were raised, but apparently, they can get triggered by unknown factors, even when in loving homes. It makes me more leery of pit bulls, and other similar breeds.

    Some cats are fearless, like Baby. I’m glad that she escaped without harm. She’s a beauty, with a very serious look.

  8. We had a Siamese growing up. She attacked a golden retriever that came in our yard. I watched her through the window. It was amazing to see her tiny body chasing the giant dog away.

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