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Electronic Gadgets Designed to Alleviate Feline Boredom — 35 Comments

  1. Going back to the “old Days” cats often ran, stalked and did many more energy burning games, most of them their own creation. Are we creating a generation of obese cats? Just saying! Great article Jo!

  2. How cute! I wonder if mine would play with it. Cisco likes the computer and the TV but he scorned the laser pointer toy and looked at me like, “You expect MOI to chase THAT?”

    • LOL Elizabeth,

      Dr. Hush Puppy was wild for the laser toy for awhile. As soon as he realized he couldn’t catch the beam he lost interest in it- too frustrating. But what I don’t undertand is that he will play with the iPAD toy. He could truly be a technocat:)

  3. Our boys love Mr Dot ‘Ah we meet again Mr Dot’ is what Ozzie would say I’m sure if he could when I get it out of the basket :)Sometimes when Im a bit late with their play time he goes into the basket and looks for it himself 🙂

  4. Can’t afford all the little plastic toys, but I have seen a lot of fascination in the cat population when there are interesting things on the desktop. And I’ll never see a car chase or a nature program on tv without fond memories of our beloved Samuda, who loved both and would sit for long periods scrutinizing them.

  5. Marc and Ruth, your photos are lovely. Being Mennonite, we are quite Plain in our living and I am NOT a techno geek. I’m lucky I know how to look around on the internet. 🙂 I do have a tablet though (NOOK) and will have to see if I can find an “app” for our katz. I’m sure they would think it wunderbaar gut! Denki for the great article, Jo! As always, a pleasure to read. 🙂

  6. Our cats are very interested in Animal Planet. Lately the choice of shows has been a bore to them so they go back to old school games like scare the birds in the feeders. They talk and chatter and then slap the window. We have only one cat that loves the computer. Fizz Gig loves to watch the bubbles on my screen saver. They fascinate her beyond measure. She also likes to watch when I play games.

  7. Jo I didn’t realise you were a technophile – if that is a word. Good, we are alike. Although I am more into function – things that make my life easier.

    I have one problem: I am still not sure if cats scratch the gorilla glass of tablet computers.

    I am told it does not get scratched.

    It appears that cat apps for play are nearly always popular with cats.

    Thanks for the article Jo.

    • Ruth-

      Many years ago we bought a “catnip” video for Mousie Tongue- our amazing Sealpoint Siamese kitty. He was SO into it that he actually tried to get into the TV. He so wanted to chase those squirrels. Heck- it may have amused him- but Marty and I had a blast watching how much he enjoyed it. Dr. Hush Puppy and Sir Hubble Pinkerton don’t give a darn about the video, but they love watching the Animal Planet, (especially Jackson Galaxy- their hero) and Hubble loves watching the nature shows on Public TV.

      Marc, I love your photos. They are so fun.

        • These dark ones are of them watching an excellent video for cats called “winter Birds” – there’s a long version. I happen to like the sound of birds anyway – so I play it and I usually layer another sound track of the rainforest or something so it sounds nice and just the right amount of sound – and they love to watch the birds videos. There are a few other good ones too but my favourite and their favourite seems to be Winter Birds.

          • Mental stimulation comes to mind – wonderful for cats. I like the way you have embraced new ways to enrich the environment for your cats. Excellent. Impressed.

    • Loving the pictures Marc. I wonder if Jo knows about your Skyping the cats when you are away, with all your computers in the house set to answer the Skype call. Now that, is using the technology to the fullest.

      I am addicted to the IPad as well Jo. Sometimes I gaze down at it and wonder what I ever did without it! Well, play kitty games, that is what! I suspect Bigfoot will give me that bored look. Marvin might hurl it across the room. I’ll just keep taking pictures of the back yard crew with it.

      Thanks for the delightful prose this morning.

      • DW .. I had the biggest smile on my face reading your comment:)

        I have another kitty game on my Galaxy 3S which will entertain the cats for a few minutes- but the iPad game is something they really can get into.

        But the best thing I have on my phone is a kitty ring tone. I have it defaulted to my cat loving friends This said however, he sometimes gets a bit agitated trying to find the kitten in the room. He actually seems to get worried about the little one.

  8. I admire your expertise in all the technology Jo, I don’t know an Ipod from an Epad or an app. lol I’m a real technodinosaur.
    Everyone keeps telling me I should get a kindle to read books, well in my day a kindle was a litter of kittens and I much prefer to feel a real hard back book in my hands, yes I’m a lost cause lol
    Poor Walter and Jozef will just have to be happy with old fashioned hands on games.

    • I’m a real technodinosaur

      No you’re not 😉 You’re pretty damn good at digital image creation for a start.

      I am like you Ruth. I rely in old fashioned games but from what Marc says and Jo has said in her article, cats do like computer games. Maybe I should change.

      • Thanks Michael, well yes that’s true, I enjoy designing posters on my desk top computer.
        All the new gadgets seem so small nowadays, using a mobile phone is like talking to a bar of chocolate lol
        I love the closeness of playing real games with our boyz, there’s nothing as good as rolling around on the floor having fun with two little furry figures enjoying every moment.

        • I agree on gadgets. They can too small for easy use. The buttons etc are too small. And bottom line you can’t really do better than a person to cat play session,

      • Michael:)

        Your “vibes” are truly cat-like. And we know how difficult it is for cats to deal with anything new- but with patience and a little “bribery” new things soon become old news. heck- even my cats enjoy watching me “Skype”.. I was terrified the first time I used it. It is truly awesome.

    • No you’re not! You’re great look at all your posters for example 🙂 I’m with you on the book thing a Kindle couldn’t replicate the feeling I get when I buy a new book especially when I can smell the new pages 🙂

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