American Curl crossed with a Sphynx. The Elf cat.

American Curl crossed with a Sphynx. The Elf cat.

American curl crossed with a sphynx Cat

This is a purebred cat hybrid: an American Curl crossed with a Sphynx hairless cat. They are very rare, and in fact I have not seen one for many years.

This is a Russian bred cat. The Russians like to breed fancy cats. They are very good at breeding large, very large, Maine coon cats.

In fact, I had thought that this new cat breed which, as far as I know is not accepted by many cat associations or with any at all, had fizzled out.

This cat is a female and the colour is described as W 61. She is seven months old. And the breeder is advertising her for sale on Facebook.

You get a full set of documents, vaccinations and a microchipped cat on purchase. She will be tested for HCM (congenital heart disease), feline leukaemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus.

Quite a nice package. The breeder says that her parents tested negative for the three diseases that I have mentioned.

Comment on the breed: personally, having considered the matter for a while, I do not see anything attractive about this breed.

Firstly, I don’t see any thing attractive about a cat’s ears curling backwards. Therefore I do not find the American Curl attractive either.

It’s just not a viable breed in my opinion. There’s no point to it. Although beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, my opinion is pretty pointless.

I suppose if you want a cat that is highly unusual and rare and are prepared to pay the price, then this might be the cat for you.

Remember though that there is quite a bit of maintenance to do when you look after a hairless cat. This is because their sebaceous glands produce oils which are meant to go into the fur, but which obviously reside on the skin of the cat where it collect dirt.

That is why they have to be cleaned regularly with a damp cloth or something like that. I have never owned a hairless cat as you can probably tell.

And of course they can’t go outside because they get sunburnt or too cold.

They have to live in a warm home because they have no coat to keep them warm. That said, they are monkey -like in their character and they are meant to be good companions.

There is a fan base for the hairless cat which I fully appreciate. It is just that I’m not part of that fan base. And the Elf cat is not one of my favourites, but I fully respect the views of others.

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