Elf hairless cat

Elf hairless cat

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I have taken the unusual step of publishing a photograph of the back of this cat’s head!

This shows better the curled-back ears which come from crossing a Sphynx cat with an American Curl cat.

The gene inside the American curl is causing the ears to curl back in this hairless cat.

The breed is quite new. I don’t think it’s very popular in the West. It appears to be more popular in Russia. They like hairless cats in Russia. And there are many good breeders who take chances and push the boundaries.

They are normally governed by the WCF as I understand it. Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that they breed cats which look as if they were bred in Russia and not America.

The Elf is a standard Sphynx cat except their ears curl back. I have said before that I am not sure about this breed. I don’t see the point of it because subjectively I don’t find anything attractive about ears that curl back.

And they are certainly not as functional as ears that curl forward in the normal way!

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