Elisa: You’re all invited to follow me on Instagram where you can get your daily dose of cute

You’re all invited to follow me on Instagram where you can look at cute pictures all day. Plus follow my articles, if you so choose.

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This project is two-fold. First to promote my articles using a service called “link in article” which allows writers to place a link to their work through Instagram. Another reason I chose Instagram is that I have HUNDREDS of photos taken over the past 40 years that are literally ALL OVER THE PLACE!

Many are on Facebook but I also have a lot on Shutterfly, MySpace and Snapfish and would like to get everything organized.

I’ll be posting a lot of cat photos (including photos of the feral colony I cared for) I’ve taken over the years as well as dogs, birds and old buildings. The actual number may be closer to 1000 I’d like to share and I promise there will be something of interest to everyone.

I would like to share the little trick I learned via YouTube on how to use Instagram with your computer instead of with a phone or tablet. It’s very easy!

The idea for this project came after I went through a two-month writer’s block and learned most of my Facebook friends couldn’t care less if I never wrote another word as long as I continued to post photos of the cats. They didn’t even have to be cats currently in our home as long as they elicited feel-good vibes.

photo courtesy themachinestarts.com

I believe there’s a lot of truth in the above statement.

While I don’t have the best camera out there and haven’t got a clue on how to operate PhotoShop, I do have a degree in photography and worked in the field of portrait photography for 12 years. I literally sleep with a camera, just in case…

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3 thoughts on “Elisa: You’re all invited to follow me on Instagram where you can get your daily dose of cute”

  1. Elisa, are you saying that”LinkedIn” is now going to charge me? They never have. Is this perhaps because you are using them for coverage? Let me know.

  2. Lol. Thanks, Elisa. You certainly made my day. I’ve not really been the social media type, but you are motivating. This is not LinkedIn, but “link in articles” ? Thanks for the lynx! Esp.the you tube jpeg.

    1. Elisa Black-Taylor

      The Link in profile will give you a free trial to use then if you like it the fee is $9.99 a month. It’s worth it. Whether I’m writing for Michael or showing off a cat with a Facebook page it will take the view to the url I include.

      You have to follow me on Instagram. I have plenty of pictures of Clemmy and Brandy to add. Brandy went to a barn home earlier this year when I had to relocate the colony.

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