Elizabeth: A story of hope, courage and evil children

By Elisa Black-Taylor

This is the story of Elizabeth, a cat from South Carolina who was thrown into an open fire by a 13 year ­old boy. Her owner’s were unable to keep her after this horrific crime was committed, and turned her over to the Darlington County Humane Society Rescue (DCHSR). Forgive the length of this article, but it’s complicated. It also shows just how accurate my article Kids Killing Cats, written several years ago, is on the serious issue of animal abusers. In my opinion, this 13 ­year­ old is well on his way to more serious crimes.

Cat died after being thrown on a fire by child

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To catch up on Elizabeth, I ask you to read what started out as a “donation” article, and has escalated to a crusade for justice for this one little cat named Elizabeth..

I do a lot of articles for shelters and rescues needing help with major medical bills resulting from the cruelty inflicted by man. The entire Elizabeth series can be found on this article at the bottom under “recommended reading.”

Elizabeth is a case that demands justice. This sweet black kitty was thrown into a fire back in November, after which her family took her to DCHSR almost a week later when they finally found her. Instead of euthanizing Elizabeth, the decision was made to give her the chance to live, despite being burned on over 70% of her body. The folks at the shelter saw the fighting spirit within Elizabeth, and a fund was created to help with her medical bills.

Elizabeth was soon transferred to a facility where she could receive 24/7 care for her burns. This included debriding, changing bandages and keeping the wound clean. Caring for Creatures, a Virginia­ based rescue made plans to transfer her to their sanctuary once Elizabeth was able to travel.

Sadly, the wonderful plans for Elizabeth ended December 3, when she succumbed to her injuries around 12:30 a.m. Elizabeth didn’t die alone. She was surrounded by her vet, and the staff who had fallen in love with this sweet brave kitty. The phone call to the Darlington shelter telling of her death came as a shock. Although Elizabeth had “crashed” twice the day before, she had rallied, being the fighter she was. To hear she had died left a hole in the hearts of all who heard her story.

Now, instead of Elizabeth having a wonderful future at a cat sanctuary, another cat will be chosen by Caring for Creatures. Both the Darlington shelter and the sanctuary are planning to start fundraisers in her memory to help other cats like Elizabeth. Her death wasn’t in vain.

Unfortunately, her tormentor will likely escape any punishment for what he did. He’s been charged, but there’s no way to make the punishment fit the crime. It’s just too horrific for any penalty a cat lover feels he deserves to be doled out. Fate, however, has a way of catching up with people like this teen. His name and address likely won’t be published online, due to his age. I only hope that someday he has to answer to someone for what he did.

There’s a lot of hate on the internet right now for not only this evil child (I’m sorry, I have no sympathy left for him), but for others who seem to have gone insane in South Carolina.

At this time, I’m keeping up with a dog whose nails were ripped from its paws, then dragged behind a truck. Fortunately, the rope broke and the dog was taken for treatment. The prognosis is good. I’ve also done a few “family” articles where family members have inflicted pain on each other because of food. One story was a case of a missing cheese packet in a box of mac and cheese.

Has the world gone crazy? I hate to think of any sane person committing crimes against family, or crimes again animals. What I really wonder is at what age these abusers got their start, and what, if anything, the court system did to stop them. Are some children just born monsters? I’ve done some research and found many children show signs of future animal cruelty by the age of three. I’m not talking about children with mental illness. I’m talking about the possibility that some children are just born that way. They enjoy hurting things.

There’s a vigilante attitude online these days. Maybe that’s bad, but perhaps it’s a step in the right direction. Because the only way I can see right now with ending the abuse is for neighbors to take back their neighborhoods when they see animal abuse happening around them. The term “lynch mob” comes to mind.

South Carolina is known for its lax animal cruelty laws. A puppy mill owner can open another puppy mill the day he’s released from jail. A young person or “minor” as we call them, often get no punishment at all. Your comments are welcome on any of this. I just wanted to let everyone know the special place Elizabeth had in the hearts of those who heard her story. Rest in peace, sweet girl. You didn’t deserve any of this.



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37 thoughts on “Elizabeth: A story of hope, courage and evil children”

  1. this is so horrible. Cant believe the parents waited a whole week before doing anything. This is just so wrong.If a 13 year old can do that, they can do more harm later on to a young child or a women etc. As its not much of leap.

    1. Some people just don’t know right from wrong, good from bad, decency from immorality. They pass their ignorance down to their children over and over again.

      1. Thats totally true the cycle really needs to be stoped the same with abuse. That poor kitty at least she will be safe from harm in rainbow heaven im sure my girls be comforting her. its 3 weeks today coping alot better now.

  2. I was angry and sad at the same time. I think this is a typical case of where a person fails to feel any empathy with another creature, like they have nothing in common and do not recognise it as a living sentient fellow creature. I think this is the hallmark of a sociopath. This kid and others like him should be watched closely and the do-gooders of society should stop making excuses for these evil hobgoblins.

  3. Someone should get the name and number of the owners of Elizabeth. I’m sure they know the name and address of the 13 yr old and would love to see it published!!!

  4. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    This is just so very dreadful and if that evil monster of a child gets away with what he did he will go on to do it again for sure! At his age he should know right from wrong and if I got hold of him I’d teach him a lesson he would never forget for the rest of his miserable waste of space life.
    R.I.P Elizabeth
    This story comes too soon after one here of a starving cat eating from a tin and some evil scum of the earth stamped on the tin and trapped his face in it, the poor cat was dead before he was found! The scumbag who did it was never caught!
    I don’t know how those monsters can be called human beings because they are certainly NOT!

  5. What about the PARENTS of this rotten kid? Where are they in all of this? Why did they WAIT a WEEK to get that poor cat the treatment she needed? What about charging them for child neglect for creating a monster that would do such a terrible thing? It’s not enough to hope that “one day fate will get the kid”..it’s not enough. Something has to be done. At least let us know what town the ba$tard lives in so we can write the local paper and shame them on this. That town should turn out the family. We all know that abusing animals is the first step..next comes harming people. We witness this and then say the kid is too young to prosecute so great..now he can do it again. The parents will find a way to protect their awful kid and probably forgive him for this. It’s so wrong it make my blood boil-and meanwhile the rescue has over $10,000 in donations. I really need to see that doing some good-like give it to other rescues with burned cats in honor of Elizabeth.

    1. The cat ran and hid and it took awhile to find her. From what I understand it wasn’t the owner’s child who did this. The owner’s likely took the cat to the shelter for euthanasia because they couldn’t afford to treat such serious injuries.

      1. You know, I don’t have a lot of confidence generally but when it comes to people the police move faster and with more commitment than they do with cats. Cats have low value to the police.

  6. I hate this and could barely read this, Elisa.
    I know you would want for me to read more, but I can’t.
    This sort of thing messes with my sanity.

    1. Yes, I tend to limit these stories. Sometimes we have to have one to create balance but too many and it becomes upsetting.

      1. The stories coming out of South Carolina in the past week have enraged me beyond belief. Take the dog being dragged by a truck. Once that person is caught and his name released I believe someone will kill him. We won’t have to worry about the court system. I’ve had 3 Examiner articles about animal abuse pulled because death threats were made against the person named in the article. Call me cold, but I won’t shed a tear if someone does kill that person. Anyone who will rip out a dogs claws one at a time should be in hell. They’re too dangerous to remain on this earth. I’d never do anything to physically go after an abuser on my own, but more power to anyone who’s willing to take that chance.

        There are actually a lot of animal advocates where I live. You’d be surprised. It just doesn’t seem to balance out the few monsters we have that are without a soul.

        1. I am completely with you Elisa and I am sure the PoCers are too. If decent people want to take the law into their own hands it does not reflect badly on the people. It is a symptom of poor policing and poor enforcement. The law is in place.

          I think you said that South Carolina are a bit lax when it comes to animal welfare. There is quite wide variation between states on how they deal with animal welfare issues including keeping exotic animals. This surprises me. Why can’t there be a federal framework and minimum standard?

  7. I feel just sick over this poor kitty who lost the fight after such horrible treatment to her….never had a chance to find a real home with love that she deserved. Poor sweet Elizabeth, who so many out here loved without knowing her, just her heartbreaking story. I hope she knows that there are people who care. That “child” needs to pay for his crime in more than just a monetary sense. He is a twisted, demented soul

    1. It makes me very sad. It damages us and society because it is indicative of a deep problem within society.

      I think what this child did is an extension of what happens all over the US, millions of cats killed at shelters for no reason other than no one wants them.

      It is the throwaway mentality. If something can be thrown away it can be thrown on the fire.

      1. Good point – if kids are brought up knowing that unwanted animals are killed then it only goes to show why such things could happen in the first place.

        For all that’s wrong with Switzerland – there are things which are right – and things like that just don’t happen here. If something like that did happen it would be taken very seriously indeed.

        1. I think someone should try and work out why there is a difference between the US and Switzerland in this regard.

          I have my ideas but I’ll keep my mouth zipped!

          1. It may sound crazy but keeping your mouth shut just makes the “pot” boil more. I’ve learned this for myself and no longer “keep” my mouth shut. I have opinions just like everyone else and have found that my opinions are shared by many others; and a few that think I should be jailed to keep me quite, The White House. Gov” for one large opinion.I think letters should go to these governments that don’t protect these furry friends telling them to get off their lazy-rears,” thought I was gonna say wrong words didn’t you”. We even have many in our own government that need to be hit in the head and woke up on the problems with animals.

      2. Ruth (Monty's Mom)

        That’s why I’m against abortion– one reason. It leads to a throw away mentality toward human life. Supporters claim that it reduces child abuse because every child is wanted, but I think the opposite is true– as with the killing of millions of unwanted pets in shelters. This reality leads to worse, not better, treatment of the those that do manage to survive. Because if something can just be killed with impunity, then how can it have intrinsic value? I just read an article about kids of parents who had aborted other children. Instead of feeling more valuable, because they were wanted, the surviving children feel less valuable because they know that their siblings were just thrown away. They actually can have some really serious mental health issues.
        At least animals aren’t aware of how so many of their brothers and sisters are being thrown away. Or maybe they are. Does Monty know anything of the many cats who were killed at Animal Control during the time he spent there before I could talk my husband into letting me go back for him? I’m not faulting the care he received while there– it was excellent. But at the same time, those giving that care were killing healthy cats. I looked it up and over 600 cats died the same month that I adopted Monty. The killing was going on while he was there. How can workers take care of an animal for a week and then at the end of the week have to kill him or her? It happens over and over and over.
        So, yes, it is hard to make the case for why animal abusers should be punished severely. The constant killing of companion animals in shelters is legal and does send the message that those animals are not valuable. Just as abortion being legal sends the message that babies aren’t valuable. Young mothers who kill their babies get almost no punishment. In Milwaukee 16 kids were smothered to death in 2013 when their mothers drank too much or did drugs and then took their tiny infants with them into their own beds and rolled over onto them. Not ONE of those mothers has been charged with anything. There has been no public outrage. The few people who are outraged say, “If it was a puppy who was smothered, then you’d see people get angry.” But I disagree. Because the kid who burned this cat is going to walk away without any serious penalty. Animal abusers get away with it all the time, just like child abusers. There is very little public outrage over the crimes committed against the most vulnerable in our society. Perhaps if we stopped the legal killing of the most vulnerable members of our society…

        1. Great comment. I agree with every word. The mass killing of healthy cats in shelters is a great wound in the relationship between human and cat. It totally degrades the relationship and is behind the abuses. There are other reasons for cat abuse of course but this callous, unaltered background of cat killing is very damaging.

          I agree with what you say about abortion too.

  8. The boy was 13. Please take the time to read all of Elizabeth’s articles. The 13 year old was charged but will likely get away with this until he abuses a human. I’m still fighting mad over this one. Haven’t calmed down a bit since I got the news 14 hours ago that sweet Elizbeth had died.

    1. Elisa – do you have the kids name and address? If so please tell. What a pathetic waste of human skin he must be.

      I really believe strongly in naming and shaming. No protection should be given to a sadist even if they are 5 years old.

    2. …at least if they are known to the public they will have to live with some kind of consequence – forver until at least they move.

    3. Kids below the age of ten cannot be said to criminal in the UK. I think his name would be withheld here but he would be charged and punished. He’d probably end up in a youth offenders institution (prison for kids) for several months, not much longer.

      I have a feeling that it is not dissimilar in the UK with respect to a body of youths within society who are what you might call “sociopathic” – having no sense of responsibility towards society and others. Simply not being cognisant of the consequences of their actions.

      It is a sort of breakdown in society and I have a fear that we are in a downwards spiral and that things will get worse. I certainly don’t see things getting better.

      For a child to throw a cat on a fire, that child must have a complete lack of sensibility towards others.

      Where does it come from? God, if we knew that for sure, perhaps we could prevent these terrible crimes.

      1. This is exactly the sort of thing scientists should be working on instead of nonsense.
        Sometimes I wonder if there are people who are just born evil. The “spocks” need to research that.

    4. He should be put in a Mental Institution! That is what a lot of States do! This makes me so angry. This boy will hurt More Animals and then other children! When he gets older who knows, OMG I am so angry.

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