Elizabeth Moss’s cat Ethel wears Handmaid’s Tale red cape and white bonnet

Elizabeth Moss stars in the TV adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale. Ethel, one of her two cats, had a special feline version of the red cape and white bonnet outfit made for her by a milliner working for Ane Crabtree, the show’s costume designer. And she looks incredibly cute.

Ethel wearing Handmaid's Tale outfit
Ethel wearing Handmaid’s Tale outfit. Photo: Elisabeth Moss and Todd Williamson
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Ane took it upon herself to cheer up the crew by making the outfit. It seemed that she felt that the relentlessly bleak plot of the series had made the atmosphere on the set a little bleak as well.

“We were trying to give some levity to Lizzie’s day and it worked.”

She took the finished product to the actress’s trailer. Elizabeth Moss photographed it and sent a copy of the photograph to her. Apparently Elizabeth Moss’s other cat, Lucy, could not be cajoled into wearing the outfit.

“Lucy wouldn’t dare put it on. But Ethel is game for a laugh. The size really did fit her, especially round her head.”

P.S. I realise that many cat lovers don’t like seeing cats in clothes but perhaps sometimes it is okay as in this instance. You have to admit Ethel looks great in the outfit 🙂

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