Elsa is a Purebred Egyptian Mau

Elsa is a Purebred Egyptian Mau

by Deanna Peterson
(Vista, California, USA)

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I bought Simba and Sheba from a breeder when they were five months old. Sheba got pregnant when she was eight months old, unfortunately. The vet thought that because she was so young, she could not deliver the kittens.

The hospital wanted $1,200 right away to do the surgery and they refused a post dated check, I did not what to do. Poor Sheba was walking around crying.

Finally the doctor said "if you can't pay us now, you will have to put that cat down". I could not believe my ears. I started to cry and pray of course. I called up my ex-husband and told him what was going on, he said he can hear her crying, and he was a lover of cats.

So he agreed to use his credit card. They charged $850.00 to do the operation, I picked her up at five that afternoon, with the kitten. They said that one was still born, and was blocking the passage crossways, and the other one they could not save, Elsa is the only one that survived.

The funny thing was, when I called and asked about her and the kitten, they were very cold-hearted saying that Sheba could care less about the kitten, but when I got there, she was purring and hugging her little kitten.

They had to stay over night at another vet. I thanked my ex. so many times, and he did not even want the money back. He is no longer with us, but I will never forget his kindness.

Simba is a Smoke, and Sheba is a little darker color grey. I never took the time to register Elsa.

But I wanted you to see what a beautiful cat I ended up with. The three of them are such a close family. thank you for reading my story:))...continued....

My Maus as a Family

I wanted an Egyptian Mau for the longest time but could not adopt one because they were expensive. Finally I got an offer for two kittens at $500, for both.

You might have read the story of Elsa, above. They look out for each other, if anyone of them hears a cry from another, they all come to see what's going on. It's amazing how all three of them will fit on an end table at the same time.

Egyptian Mau cats on chairs

At first I had a hard time separating the baby kitten from Simba the Papa. He would howl at the door; a most pathetic howl. I would let him in with close observation. He would start biting the end of her ears, then "out you go" a friend of mine that used to mind cats told me that it was O.K.

Even though it is in reality about ill-treatment to cats, it is nice to hear some fun stuff of the cats. I have two more cats beside the Maus. Tigger-Wigger came (you can see their story on "Crazy for Kitties.com") of how Tigger was welcome by the Maus. And finally there is Miss Molly that I found outside, she was hiding under a big truck, I put her in the grass, she went back under the truck. After about three more times. I took her upstairs and put her in a room by herself. She was full of fleas. So I went down to the vet and bought some stuff for the fleas.

I also put signs outside, someone took down the sign, I finally decided to keep her. I was afraid that the others would fight with her, instead it was just the opposite. The cats eat together.

And the way I call them is "everybody come" - they all come running. Well Miss Molly had something else in mind, she was about only a few weeks old. I put the food down, and when I called them Molly was there at the food, growling and boxing left to right. Then someone went and smelled her behind which made things worst, she was spitting and growling.

She is a very friendly kitty, the only thing is now, since she's been fixed, she has gained some weight - see neutering cats. She hangs out more with Tigger-Wigger. Always protecting him from the Maus, that is the females. Basically, they get along fine. I enjoy them so much.


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Elsa is a Purebred Egyptian Mau

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Dec 31, 2010
by: Deanne

Here are some pics:

Dec 31, 2010
My Three Egyptian Maus - more
by: Deanna Peterson

I bought two Egyptian Maus kittens in December of 2001. One male named Simba "Jewel of the Nile" and Sheba "Little Egypt" when Sheba was 8 months old she got pregnant, she had three kittens by C-section. Only Elsa was saved.

I had Simba fixed and Sheba at the same time of the operation. Simba had a hard time dealing with being left outside the bedroom door where Sheba & Elsa were. There was always a howling sensation from him.

After a while, he was able to visit and observed. He was finally able to bond with her, and since them they always hang out together. They are very inquisitive kitties, if you are eating anything, they don't necessary want to eat it, just to smell it, and then walk away, and all three of them do that.

If Sheba (the mother) suddenly finds herself without the other two, she would come around crying until she finds them. I had just gotten over a 23 year old marriage, and these cats had filled that void completely. I guess I have acquired the name "Cat lady" I do not mind, it is not a bad thing to be a "cat lady" here are some pictures of my three Maus: Tigger-Wigger's story is coming up next.:))

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