Elsa The Frozen Kitten Survives

Elsa the frozen kitten survives
Elsa the frozen kitten survives
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Her core temperature was below the limit of the thermometer. It took an hour to get her temperature up to normal. Awesome ability of the domestic cat to survive hence the 9 lives accolade.

Dee askes:

  • How many cats never survive the cold?
  • How many people believe that cats have no problem with cold because they have coats and are able to seek out shelter sometimes?
  • How long would a human last holed up in a shed with only a coat in frigid weather?

People rarely discuss the number of stray cats who die in the winter through hypothermia. We don’t know the numbers. It must quite high. The temperatures in some regions of America are extremely cold in winter.

The domestic cat is generally not able to survive outside of the domestic environment. Some individual cats will find a way but many will perish.

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5 thoughts on “Elsa The Frozen Kitten Survives”

  1. There has to be. For example Buffalo, New York just recently received a years worth of snow. No kittens, cats, puppies or dogs can survive that without human intervention for shelter or food. That is why the south sends dogs up north. I assume every winter all the outside animals die or become so sick they eventually die. Very sad.

  2. I wish people would place small shelters out for the strays and feral cats and kittens. Kittens hardly stand a chance of living through cold weather, and if they do, it usually has taken a toll on their body and health.

  3. Sad

    but good she survived

    Basically, if every human being do the duty of responsibility at their end to make sure that the coming season of cold or hot will be safer for these tiny friends, such as to improve the pattern of welfare to just make small cat shelters that are a bit heat in winter and are safe from intruders.

    but who cares?

    I think the cat education must be start from the very initial school level to make every thing better for the welfare of cats and kittens.

    I don’t know but I thin it shall never be done because the authorities are not willing to do it. 🙁 Thank you for sharing.


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