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Emaciated, Burned Cougar Cub Found Alive in California Wildfire — 6 Comments

  1. New Mexico Fish and Wildlife recently decided trapping Mountain lions is a great idea. We have a very backwards state! Trapping is so cruel!
    I’m not sure that all Humane Society’s are the same. I understand that there are good ones and bad ones. Any comments on that? I just don’t know.

  2. Hunting these beautiful animals for the sport of it…that is not hunting. It is humans having a sick and cruel time. I am so happy this beautiful animal was saved.

    • I’d like to see the wildlife services helping more mountain lions under non-emergency conditions rather than shooting them when they wander into suburbs which were once their territory.

  3. Thank you for sharing this story from our Northern California wildfires. One comment said that normally the Dept of Fish and Wildlife would shoot a mountain lion rather than rescue him.

    I’ve been spending my days sharing posts on lost and found pets, since we don’t have a clearinghouse set up yet, so posts are in various places.

    I imagine that many of the found pets will go unclaimed with people who’ve lost their homes and jobs.

    So much sadness and grief permeates the air. Nearby communities have stepped up to provide living essentials and contributions.

    I’ve learned from my recent research that the Red Cross only gives about 8 cents from each dollar donated, and there are many stories like the one in Haiti, where they received a half a billion in contributions, and only built 6 houses. The report is on ProPublica. The CEO makes over $300,000 a year! I would discourage any donations to the Red Cross.

    They have an encampment set up in our area, and have refused truckloads of donations, saying they need MONEY. Of course, because money can be siphoned into their system. People who brought the donations, parked outside, and fire victims were able to take what they needed.

    Yes, and this is a small symbol of our schizophrenic
    society, and the rampant corruption of “service” organizations. US Humane Society is another one. Marketing hides the truth; research reveals it.

    • Very nicely put Sandy. You summed it up nicely. It is crazy I think. Sometimes I hate it. As you say the wildlife services often kill mountain lions when they have wandered into suburbs but doing no harm and yet here we have a team of people saving the life of one fella. I don’t get it. To me they have the wrong attitude under normal conditions and the right one in emergencies. As for charities the more I know about them the more I am unsure about them especially the big ones. That said there are some brilliant ones.

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