Emergency Kitten Formula

Emergency Kitten Formula

by Michael

Photo by denizen24 (Flickr)

Photo by denizen24 (Flickr)

Home made emergency kitten formula can be used temporarily although the experts say that commercially available milk formulas are the best substitutes for mother's milk.

The formula should be mixed well before using and warmed.

Emergency Formula - kitten formula recipe

Homogenized whole milk: 8 ounces (237 ml)

Egg yolks: 2

Vegetable oil: 1 teaspoon

Liquid pediatric vitamins: 1 drop

Another Emergency Formula

1 part boiled water + 5 parts evaporated milk (reconstituted to 20% solids)

1 teaspoon bone mean per quart (947 ml) of formula

Commercially available milk formulas in the USA for kittens are sold by KMR (PetAg KMR Emergency Kitten Feeding Kit), Kittylac, Nurturall, Just Born, Kitten Gro etc.

The composition of cat milk replacer is:

18% solids, 42% protein, 25% fat and 26% carbohydrates.

How Much Emergency Kitten Formula?

Depends on weight.

Kitten of one week of age weighing about 4 oz (113 grams) requires 48 cc of formula per day in 6 feedings.

Kitten of 2 weeks of age (7 oz or 198 grams) requires 56 cc of emergency kitten formula in 4 feeding per day.

Kitten of 3 weeks of age (10 oz - 283 grams) - 90 cc - 3 feedings.

Kitten 4 weeks of age (13 oz - 368 grams) - 104 cc - 3 feedings.

How to Feed?

By special nursing bottle or stomach tube. Formula must be warmed and care taken to avoid formula going into lungs ("keep kitten upright").

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