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Welcome to "EMILITACOON * LT" - Maine Coon Cat breeder. Since 2008, EMILITACOON has been registered with the Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe). My cattery also belongs to the Lithuanian Felinology Association, BUBASTE.

I am Almina. My husband is Arunas. We have two sons, Vidmantas and Lukas. My family lives in a very nice town, Prienai (see map below). It is located in the south of Lithuania and surrounded by trees and forests.

Our family has a serious love of animals. Since my earliest memories I have always had cats at home and cared about them. Arunas has been very fond of birds since his youth. For many years he has been breeding decorative pigeons. Vidmantas and Lukas are interested in underwater life and adore goldfish.

Maine Coon cats are my favourites. I have read plenty of books, visited Internet pages to know as much as I can about this breed of cat.

After some visits to exhibitions I could not resist getting this particularly gorgeous animal. First FUNKY (we call her TINA) reached our home from Poland (many thanks to DAGMARA and DARIA for this beautiful cat).

Later we got BAGIRA (home name is SHELL) from the Czech Respublic (we thank JARMILA for this male cat).

Our Maine coon cats are real members of the family. We all love them very much and care for them all the time. Every day we try to do our best for both of them.

So....our family would like to ask you to visit the website , to meet Tina and Shell, to see how they are being raised and have a good time together!

Link to our website: http://www.emilitacoon.lt

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Hi Almina.. thanks for visiting. I have changed some of the wording to reflect more accurately, in my view, what you intend to say. I hope you approve. If you have some queries just email me.


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May 09, 2010 Beautiful and impressive
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Almina and Arunas. You have some beautiful and very impressive Main Coons and I enjoyed visiting your site. Hope to see your cats some day at shows here in Denmark - it's just across the water. 😉

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May 08, 2010 I enjoyed your website
by: Tracey (England)


I loved your website; I've left a message in your guest book. The cats are stunning; I love Maine Coons, they have such interesting personalities don't they?

You obviously have a special relationship with your cats; its comes though so clearly that you love them a lot.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Lithuania for signing the De-clawing petition (so many signatures!) You really come across as a nation of animal lovers - thank you so very much.

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