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Emirati Man Who Tortured a Cat is Punished in Accordance with Tenets of Islam Faith — 7 Comments

  1. I think a more fitting punishment would have been to put the man in a cage with a hungry lion or tiger at the zoo and let them have a go at “elightening” this man about what he did to the innocent cat. But of course in our modern and compassionate societies that would be considered excessive and brutal. It is good that some sort of punishment was meted out, and swiftly, but I question whether or not it will actually deter the man from committing such acts of cruelty in the future.

  2. Good that they received quick justice under the laws of Dubai.
    Animal cruelty anywhere by anyone is unacceptable and immoral as far as I’m concerned.
    Eva say’s

  3. Question: Should people who put their cats outdoors to be eaten by fox, coyotes, eagles and hawks also receive the same punishment for feeding their cats to other animals?

    • This is a philosophical question. My immediate response is that if you put a cat outside where he is hurt or killed by a predator, the actual killing process is an accident of nature. Is not a deliberate act by a person to kill somebody or an animal. It is a predator acting instinctively as an act of survival. Yes, the person letting their cat go outside may be careless and negligent but it is not a crime. However, when a person deliberately and sadistically hurts a person or an animal then we call that a crime because it goes beyond negligence and carelessness. There is therefore a marked difference.

  4. So … I guess if someone raises pet goldfish or pet gerbils or pet hamsters or pet mice or pet rats and feeds them to their cat then they should receive the same punishment. Have cats somehow taken total control of your sense of reason and taken total control of your minds?

    • Firstly, if you are the well-known troll, Woody, then please do not make any further comment after this one unless it is polite and well reasoned. Sorry to say that but you sound as if you might be this particular person.

      In the UK, if a person feeds a goldfish to a domestic cat then that would in my opinion be a crime under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. The same would go for a gerbil. There’s no question about that.

      The only difficulty is that it is very hard to provide proof that a person is feeding their cat with a live gerbil because it would happen behind closed doors and there would be no witnesses other than the perpetrator.

      In this instance the Emirati man committed his crime in plain view of others and indeed he ensured that it was filmed and then in his arrogance he posted the video on social media. That is why he was caught and that is why he has been punished.

      No doubt there are many people all over the world who abuse domestic animals including cats and they get away with it because either there is little or no evidence and/or the police don’t care about it.

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