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  1. Not only are these demented invasive-species house-cats-ONLY “animal lovers” now killing off all Big Cats in all wildlife reserves around the world:

    …the rest of this demented rant has been deleted because not only was it moronic and rude it was completely off-topic. Woody. try and grow up.

  2. Your essay on this tragic theme must have been based on years of reading.
    Comments upon your cri de coeur on behalf of doomed cats? None.
    Questions? A few.
    Some years ago a friend of our neighbors’, a serious-minded young Muslim man, was sitting in their living room, glancing at a Playboy magazine. He turned a few pages, then put it aside, shrugged his shoulders, and said, ‘This isn’t useful.’ (Everyone broke up.)
    What action could your readers take to help prevent the extinction of wildlife in other countries? It would be callous, and probably impossible, not to write about these disasters. But other than making your readers sad, could you propose a remedial plan for them to consider? (The same question can be asked of the National Geographic’s articles on poaching.) Because, if it just leaves them stranded, what more is your essay than another ‘ain’t it awful’ PoC post?
    Unless the placebo effect is as startling as scientists are beginning to discover, how can a man who reposes his faith in tiger bone wine and powdered rhino fail to see his condition is unchanged? Why do aging men buy these nostrums? Are they motivated by the same mindset, graven in granite, that perpetuates belief in the power of prayer? That entrenches the delusion a graduate degree is the autobahn to a handsome income?
    Although it can turn everything blue and trigger a stroke, have Chinese men never heard of a drug that outshines tiger parts? How can this be, when China has embraced a western way of life far more effective in trashing the earth than any of their pseudo-remedies?
    With their 5,000 years of civilization, the Chinese aren’t slouches. They’re brilliant, in fact. Which deepens the mystery. How can their moneyed, high-end consumers who buy concoctions too costly for men entrapped in ghettoes or rural backwaters sunk in superstition, remain unaware their expenditures are worthless?
    Or ARE they? Are there testimonials proving that they work? Do their women fake swoons and think, in their hearts, that they’d gladly trade a semblance of kindness, a grain of shared feeling for a rigid eyesore?
    Unless he lives by himself in a cave, how can a Chinese man not know there’s a pill more impressive than his oriental take on Rocky Mountain oysters? It staggers belief. What gung-ho Native American immersed in his career of scalping the palefaces in his casino (he’s also into in four-star restaurants and luxury resorts, aquaculture, arts and crafts, writing books, etc.) would turn his back on these reasons for existence and end his days mulling over his beautiful cultural artifacts — his ‘Brother Crow’ and ‘Sister Moon’ myths?
    As for any other perks in scarfing down tigers, rhinos and bear bile, could credulous people die of cancers and other diseases because of their faith in these traditions?
    Artificial flavors do not belong in food. But do the Chinese reject everything synthetic? If they oppose it in drugs, would they also condemn it in – say – perfume? Does perfume have no fragrance for them unless it’s infused with spermaceti, ambergris, and musk from animals being hunted to extinction? Is the Chinese nose dead to Chanel No. 5? To the after-shave Terre d’Hèrmes? (A fascinating book: The Perfect Scent: A year Inside the Perfume Industry in Paris and New York – Chandler Burr.)
    Does this website reach Communist China?
    China has a growing number of animal rights organizations. Is there any way to visit with them without jeopardizing their safety?
    Bangladesh and other Asian countries are running out of space. At some point, will their governments have to mandate reversible neutering? Does most of the chaos boil down to penniless, overcrowded people?
    If education is the key, what can make Aldo Leopold, Wendell Berry and Jeremy Rivkin, et al. as fun reading as Danielle Steel and Dean Koontz? Who doesn’t prefer potato chips to quinoa?
    In a world of dwindling resources, what can stop America from grabbing far more for itself than any other nation?
    The late Charles Laughton had an unforgettable voice. Sylvia Earle and Samantha Power have equally beautiful women’s voices. Dr. Earle, who at 79 still wants to be diving, talks with her listeners in a friendly, youthful way, explaining how ‘everyone’ can do things to restore what’s being lost. She doesn’t bang a gavel. She doesn’t pound a pulpit. What she does is tactfully try to persuade her listeners to eat less meat. Why? Millions of livestock worldwide are killing the bays with runoff. She doesn’t eat fish.* Again, why? Because commercial catches – including once plentiful sharks – have declined to a tenth of what they were for millions of years and continued to be until a few decades ago. She doesn’t eat fish because coral reefs are a moonscape shrouded in commercial fishing line. Yet Dr. Earle describes the devastation with hope in her belief the oceans can be saved if people are brought to understand what they have done to their life-sustaining, blue wilderness.
    In sum, what can PoC do for vanishing species? Can mankind survive only by destroying the earth’s majestic cats?
    * All is not lost. If you can’t beat ‘em, eat ‘em. The blue catfish and the Asian snakehead, two aggressive invaders in this country, have a delectable flavor, and restaurants are wanting to turn them into fish & chips.

    • I actually wrote this about 5 years ago. It was on a subdomain and Google stopped finding it so I moved it to here because it deserves to be read I believe. The idiocy of humankind when it hurts wildlife especially the cats – wild and domestic motivates me. I become angry.

      But other than making your readers sad, could you propose a remedial plan for them to consider?

      We – the individual person – can’t stop the demise of the Bengal tiger. It is too late. Big business rules everything and this is business.

      China does see this site but not many visit it. I don’t know why. China does block a lot of websites.

      The long Chinese civilisation does not stop some of them actually believing that eating a tiger’s penis makes them better in bed, which is a reflection of how humankind has actually barely moved on for centuries. There still mass idiocy and a lack of education.

      Look at ISIS the Islam terror group who live in Medieval times. The Chinese are not civilised in my view as long as some of them eat tiger body parts and use exotic species in their moronic but ancient medicine.

      Ancient traditional Chinese medicine is the curse of nature on the planet. I’d ban it from all countries. America and the UK should ban Chinese medicine shops.

    • The trouble is that as much as we would like to, we can’t save all the animals worldwide, domestic or wild. We can each only do our best in our own little corner of the world and do what we can to help other countries too, which of course is never enough.
      I think the problems are so overwhelming that many people just bury their heads in the sand and sometimes I wish I could do that too.
      It’s very hard and very depressing at times, caring about all animals.

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