English-speaking Woman in China Wants to Build an Animal Shelter

Her name is Ripley. I don’t know her Christian name and I don’t know where she comes from in the West. I have presumed that she does come from the West. She is the co-founder of a rescue organisation called “Cat-Kind”.

Bejing stray cats

Bejing stray cats. Photo by Wang Lipeng.

I don’t know the name of her co-founder. I do know though that it is wonderful news that she and her colleagues are committed to setting up an animal shelter in Beijing.

When she came to live in China she found a kitten on the street. She also found that there is no well-organised animal shelter in Shanghai, where she lived at the time. There is also a lack of resources to help stray animals as I understand it. I presume that there are no animal rescue organisations of any decent standard. I’m not sure.

The kitten that she found died about four weeks later of FIP. The experience inspired her to help animals. I wonder whether she is particularly interested in helping animals in China. I think she is because of the great need. From what I have read about China there is a pressing need for animal advocates like Ripley who are genuinely committed to building animal shelters. However, there are a lot of kind people who want to help stray cats and dogs.

After Ripley began working with stray animals she discovered that there are other like-minded people involved in animal welfare. They, too, were struggling to carry out effective animal welfare work in what appears to be a desert in respect of facilities regarding animal welfare.

As a result, she decided to set up a shelter called Cat-Kind. It is to be opened in a place called Shuangjing. It appears to be well sited because there are volunteers in the area and a 24-hour emergency veterinary clinic not far away were apparently the veterinarians provide discount or pro bono services. I maybe wrong in that assessment.

The objective is to build a shelter which can contain around 40 smaller sized dogs and cats. It will be a no kill shelter and the animals will not be kept in tiny cages.

Ripley is looking for donations. She needs RMB 30,000 to get the project going and to pay the initial rent.

There are contact details and a method of donating on this page (please click on the link).

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  1. Michael, do you have any more information? The link shows the story, but there is no page 2, and no donation site that I can access. 🙂



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