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Enough To Make A Cat Laugh (part 2) — 13 Comments

  1. Great ending I was so much hoping that the son would get nothing when I read about Alice’s death, I hope he has to wait a long time to sell the house, I don’t suppose he’ll get much for it as it sounds to need a lot of modernisation. So glad that cat rescue got the money, justice was done. Now, did Alice really turn into a cat for those few minutes, did she have an out of body experience, it would seem so because of the paw prints in the dust upstairs, I was so glad for her to have a bit of release from the prison of her aged body and blindness, I wish she could have stayed in the form of a cat for good. I really enjoyed the story and wasn’t surprised when it won a prize and am proud of my big sis for writing it. 🙂

    • Thanks Babz, yes I hope Alice truly did have an out of body experience but anyway the main thing is that cats profited instead of her greedy son 😉

  2. What a fabulous ending! I loved the pawprints in the dust! What a purrfect touch. Thanks for this story, Ruth! It was a delight.

    • Thanks Jo, my story won a prize in a local competition and I thought it would be nice to share it, then of course I just had to make posters to tell the story too here lol

      • You won a prize? That’s great.
        Was it a scratching post, that awesome blue bear that I love so much, or a brand new litter box?

        • lol none of those, it was £30 which of course bought some extra cat food
          Marion Cats Protection gave us the bunnies, it’s a bunny Dee not a bear lol lol (should have gone to specsavers)

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