Enticing my feral kitten out from hiding with cooked prawns

The power of cooked prawns 😉 . Gabriel was hiding very effectively this morning. It took me 15 minutes to find him and an hour to get him out from under the sideboard using cooked prawns. I blew the scent of the prawns under the sideboard, where he was hiding, to make the meal irresistible and so it proved. Nothing was forced. It was all at his pace.

Once he came out he spent some minutes exploring after he ate and then having had a pee in the litter tray (good boy) he scampered back into his den where he is right now. Gabriel is certainly feral and unsocialized. This will be a long journey but I am prepared.

I want him to explore the home so that he becomes familiar with it and therefore feels more at home and comfortable. I will then have a better chance of interacting with him and touching him, which I guess is where the real job of socialization takes place.

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