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Ernest Shackleton personally killed the ship’s cat — 12 Comments

  1. Actually, Sir Shackleton did not personally kill the ship’s cat. The sad duty was carried out by 2nd in command, Frank Wild, acting under orders. The entire crew were greatly distressed over the loss of ship’s cat and dogs. All the journals and diaries recorded by the ship’s crew bears this fact out.

  2. Thank you for this, which I stumbled upon while Googling “Ernest Shackleton cat murderer”. This cat had formed a special bond with the ship’s carpenter, Harry McNish. After losing his ship, Shackleton had intended to to march his crew across the antarctic ice and it was on this march that he had decided that Mrs Chippy would consume too much food. He tricked McNish into going somewhere and killed Mrs Chippy while he was away.

    When McNish returned, he was furious and upset. He refused to follow any further orders from Shackleton and gave as his reasons that Shackleton’s command was of the ship. Since he had lost that ship through his own incompetence, he was not in a position to give orders.

    Shackleton’s march didn’t work out and he had to turn back after less than a day, so Mrs Chippy was murdered for no reason.

    Despite this, it was McNish who built the small boat that allowed Shackleton to fetch help and it was McNish who sailed with him in that boat. When the whole saga was concluded, the vindictive and irrational Shackleton ensured that McNish was the only member of the expedition who didn’t receive the Polar Explorer medal from the British government.

    McNish is buried in New Zealand and members of the New Zealand Antarctic Society who were also cat lovers have erected a bronze statue of Mrs Chippy on his grave. You can see a picture here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mrs._Chippy#/media/File:Harry_McNeish_Gravestone_cat.jpg

    Shackleton is buried at Grytviken on South Georgia Island in the South Atlantic. One day I hope to go there so that I may scratch “Dirty cat murderer” into his gravestone.

    • Fabulous comment, Andrew. Thanks a lot. I’ll refer to it in the article to point people to it. It is too good to miss. Happy Christmas.

  3. He was a nasty piece of work so I’m glad he missed his goal, I would like to knock his hat off with a big stick then beat him round the ears with it. Murderer!

  4. He was no hero to me either. Fancy killing Mrs Chippy, I hardly think what the poor cat ate would satisfy any sailor’s appetite!
    He probably did it out of spite and I’m glad he only lived 48 years himself.
    Being a ‘Sir’ doesn’t give anyone the privelege of a long life.

        • lol Marc yes he is ugly, by his mean face I should think he treated his sailors badly too as well as the poor cat.

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