Escondido cat rescued from inside a storm drain has been reunited with his family

Thanks to the Escondido Public Works and the San Diego Humane Society, a California cat rescued from inside a storm drain has been reunited with his family.

cat rescued from storm drain
Smokey Joe rescued from storm drain (San Diego Humane Society)
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Smokey Joe was reunited with his family around 10 a.m. on Friday after he was scanned for a microchip and his family was called. The happy family said their cat had been missing for six days when he was found and rescued from inside a storm drain.

Escondido map

Although the storm drain he had fallen into was 12 feet deep, Smokey Joe was described as “friendly and purring and very happy to see humans again” after his rescue.

cat in storm drain
Smokey Joe was happy to see people (San Diego Humane Society)

Smokey Joe was very lucky, not only to be uninjured and rescued (they got him out using a net) but to have an owner who saw the importance of micro-chipping their cat to ensure he was prepared for an emergency such as this.

It’s nice to report on happy endings where an animal is micro-chipped. Whether a cat escapes the home or is lost during a natural disaster, the odds are in favor of a happy reunion thanks to this simple and inexpensive precaution. Many areas offer micro-chipping at a reduced fee through local shelters and humane societies.




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