Essay on cat in 200 words

Essa on cat in 200 words
Essay on cat in 200 words
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There are domestic, feral and wild cats. One individual cat of one wild cat species, the North Africa wildcat, was domesticated around 10,000 years ago. Now there are around 500,0000,000 domestic and feral cats on the planet. All domestic cats used to be a tabby cats but now there are many different coat types because of evolution and selective breeding. Most cats are random bred but there are up to about 104 purebred cat breeds but the cat association recognise a much smaller number.

Today, domestic cats provide companionship to many millions of people. They entertain their human caretakers and are normally loved and seen as part of the family. They are furry coated mammals with sharp claws and long canine teeth. The domestic cat is a top predator with weapons to match. They are barely domesticated even after 10,000 years. There are too many feral cats which indicates that there are also irresponsible cat owners who allow their cats to become feral. Feral cats breed more feral cats unless they are neutered and spayed often under TNR programs.

The 36 wild cat species are under threat by human activity which is destroying their habitat by, for example, deforestation. There are many ways that people persecute and cause the population of wild cat species to decline. The general trend for all wild cat species is downwards.

The largest cat in the world is the Siberian tiger. The cat with the strongest bite is the jaguar which is famously able to bite through the carapace of tortoises and turtles. The cheetah in the fastest land animal as it can run for 400 meters at around an average of 65 miles per hour. The cheetah has non-retractable claws to allow it to better grip the ground when chasing prey. People need to stop damaging wild cat habitat.

Here is an alternative version:

There are wild cats, feral cats, stray cats and domestic cats. There are 36 different wild cat types and about 10,000 years ago, one of them, living near Syria, liked to live around farmers because there were plenty of mice to eat. The famer liked its company. From the first domestic cat the world now has 500,000,000 of them but a lot are almost wild. They are feral cats.

The domestic cat is a small species of furry mammal and they are at their happiest in a home where they are well cared for. This means good food suitable for a strict carnivore, love from their human guardian expressed in concern for their health and welfare.

Nowadays in America, the biggest marketplace for cats, there are about 96,000,000 domestic cats in homes across the country in 68 percent of households. But taken as a whole the standard of care of domestic cats needs to be higher because over the years many millions of perfectly healthy cats have been killed at shelters because no one wants them. There are too many cats although some people think there are too many in one place but not enough in another.

There are also far too many feral cats negatively impacting nature. And sometimes they are abused by people. Going forward people need to deal with this important problem urgently and humanely.

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