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Essay on Cats are Better than Dogs — 3 Comments

  1. i apparently cant post it, but you should google “the dog & cat diary”. its hilarious as it outlines the differences between dogs & cats(as dogs are portrayed as seeing everything as ‘my favorite thing!’, while cats perceive them as ‘my captors continue to taunt me with dangling objects…’). it ALWAYS leaves me in stitches!!!

  2. I find dogs distressing to be around. Their neediness makes me cringe and feel imposed upon. The noise they make is worse than fingers on a chalk board. And yet I have numerous friends who take delight in just those attributes.
    I see the debate over cats and dogs not so much as who prefers which but the vitriol and frustration over pets that are allowed to become a nuisance to someone else. The arguments almost always descend into what is nasty about either species. And that point of view is fueled by someone’s frustration.
    The usefulness of dogs is vastly overstated and surrounded by tons of propaganda about how it’s your best friend. Submission was bred into canines eons ago. I’m sorry you can’t tell the difference between co existing with cats and being saddled with a needy smelly loud canine. I may be biased.

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