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  1. In a book worth reading, The Stations of Solitude (underlined), Alice Koller, a Radcliffe Ph.D., deplored the word ‘pet.’ She felt it was demeaning, and saw her dogs as her kids. In hard times, she and they lived in her car.

    ‘Caretaker’ and ‘guardian’ seem a sterile substitute for ‘parent.’ In the U.S., ‘caretaker’ is often the title of someone who oversees or maintains an estate, oftentimes its grounds.

    A ‘guardian’ is someone appointed by the court to oversee the interests – the survival needs and payments related to cost-of living, etc. – of wards, often minors, or the old or disabled incapable of managing their own.

    ‘Parent’ is a self-appellation animal parents use at the risk of angering the parents of human children. Yet they see themselves as the mothers and fathers of their fur-children, even when the children are old. Family members? Yes. But children all the same. Not grandparents, or parents, or siblings, or nieces, nephews or cousins, uncles or aunts – but perennial children, whom they feed and shelter, medicate, play with, kiss goodnight and greet every morning to the very end. And beyond the end in memory.

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