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  1. Cal – thx for calling me ‘Sylvie.’ Dislike ‘Sylvia Ann,’ but clapped on the middle name because a former neighbor of Ruth & Babz’s, from several years ago, had the same first name, and she wanted to be sure there was no confusion. Which is why the name stuck.

    China, for all its hideous ways, is fascinating. No?

    • You might like to know that I have been to China. It was back in the 1970s when they were all wearing blue suits over their normal clothes. Post-Mau era. I stayed in Beijing and the flat was a “luxury flat”. In the morning when we went to make breakfast and opened the cupboards hundreds of cockroach’s scuttled out. We rode a bike to a theatre (a lot people used bikes in those days) and the air was so polluted you could chew it.

    • Good question Sylvia Ann because the potential market is whopping. It does reach China but the traffic from there is very small. Perhaps I should find a translator of English into Chinese (rather than use Google Translate) and do some articles in Chinese. They may have spied on me and discovered that I have criticised them on a number of matters (justifiably) and therefore have or will block the site.

      • Michael PUNJABI is written from RIGHT TO LEFT. for example I type for a sentence;

        Michael is a nice man (English)
        مائیکل بڑا چنگا بندہ وے

        There are different Punjabi Language types. With every 8 KM travel, the language is changed in rural areas in east. Specially in Pakistan and INDIA.

        I think English is the best for as an International language. What you think?


        • Thank you for educating me on the Punjabi language. I did a bit of research because of your comment and in India it is written left to right and in Pakistan using a different alphabet it is written right to left. I am guessing that this version is the Indian one: Gurmukhi alphabet. Does that sound correct?

          English is now the universal language thank God 😉 I don’t have to learn another language 😉

    • To your cats, Ahsan. May Allah look down and warm them, give them food and shelter.

      I would like you to understand my cat, Shrimptaro. He is handicapped, as he is pretty much blind, as most of us are, And yet, he has an acumen that is sharper than a tack. Because he sees every rhing. That is why I love him so much, he is my eyes, ears, and touch. <3

      • Thank you CAL

        I am really hurt by knowing about CAT’s handicap and blind situation and that is why I focus much about the word WELFARE that covers every kind of care for these tiny friends and make human being to be much less greedy towards those cats which we buy from shops to SHOW OFF others that we have this and this high quality breed cat. I am not against buying a BEST quality cat from breeders but I always say if you but one cat which is a KING’s CAT so please also look toward the WELFARE of these unwanted babies. 1 Fancy, costly, high standard breed but get at least 1 FERAL KITTEN to enjoy the same benefits and a long protected life from the wild scenarios.

        One of my friends saw LAILA and his eyes widely opened when I said to LAILA “kiss my lips my heart” and she just done that. He said, Which breed is she, she is neat and clean and very attractive, Masha ALLAH (Allah protect her from BAD EYE LOOK, ameen. I said she is my BREED, AHSAN’s 4th daughter. He made a face like Jerry Lewis.

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