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Essay on cats in Urdu — 20 Comments

    • With English it is spoken in Pakistan. 160 million people speak it. It is also spoken in Northwest India and East Afghanistan. These are areas to the right and left of Pakistan. The language appears to be spoken in an area around and including Pakistan.

      • Thanks Michael I just didnt realise Where or What it Was. Its something that you dont hear much about Over here. Even though Over here Have lots of People with Different Cultures and Beliefs. Its Interesting Seeing a Different Language.

  1. Ahsan, thank you for taking so much to spell this out. I especially like this:

    “This is because there are more and more people and therefore less and less space for wild cats.” -Ahsan

  2. Thank you Michael

    But I could not understand it in urdu while I am master in URDU language.

    I have read this article in english. Good article, thanks again <3

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