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Essay On Declawing Cats For Students — 7 Comments

  1. That’s really good Ruth and I’m sure it will be well used in schools and organisations across the USA, it tells them what needs to be known and shows it plainly too. Well done and I agree with Michael, you have done great things in the fight against declawing and I know you have devoted a large part of your time to it over the last few years.

    • Thanks Babz, you too have done great things in the declawing battle, we are part of a wonderful team on PoC πŸ™‚

  2. Ruth – You’re such a good soul.

    Your writing is always eloquent and your posters add a touch of humor to what would otherwise be the unrelieved gloom of this enormity. They have a serious message, and yet their details – some very tiny – are often droll.

    It makes sense, don’t you think, the idea of involving children and youths in the movement to end declawing?

    At least one Chinese writer – don’t have his name in front of me at the moment – has authored a book that anticipates a growing protest from the younger generations against those of their elders’ traditions harmful to animals.(I write this with tears in my eyes, thinking of the 40-year-old, iconic, beautiful bull elephant slaughtered by poachers today.) In any event, he says the cruelty to animals in China is seldom a free-floating phenomenon: it often has a commercial base that, however, is counterbalanced by China’s greater prosperity – partial though it is: a growing number of Chinese children, he writes, are being raised in affluent households that have cherished pets, and are developing a sensitivity to animals unheard of in a hard-scrabble, agricultural economy that characterized the lives of millions of peasants over the millennia.

    In these small towns where I live, teenagers have shown an immense enthusiasm in helping to restore slash-clogged, salmon-spawning streams left behind by clear-cut logging,and take pride in the progress they’ve made.

    Young people have a greater receptivity to new ways of thinking and doing, and your writings and art-work help ring the death-knell of this shameless practice. Keep it up, pal Ruthie! xx

    • It makes sense, don’t you think, the idea of involving children and youths in the movement to end declawing?

      Well I hope so. At least some youths and kids still have open minds about it. They need to be educated on what it truly is.

    • Yes I think it was a good idea of Michaels to have an essay on declawing which students can copy if they want to.
      I believe in education about declawing for young people, hopefully it will help spread the truth and get it stopped.

  3. I’m truly honoured to be called a renowned expert on the declawing of cats and a campaigner against it.
    Thank you Michael πŸ™‚

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