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Essay on Feral Cats — 11 Comments

  1. Gabrielle has become such a handsome fellow. I’m proud of you for having domesticated him. It’s so worthwhile, isn’t it?

    • Yes, it was great. We are very close now. I think he has imprinted on me and thinks I am his parent. He follows me everywhere. Hope u are okay.

  2. Michael_
    Thank you for your heartfelt and honest reply. I knew you would be right.
    I suppose if they do not re-locate [I live in a semi rural area] that I could try to trap them? They are so wild they will not come near anything unless the mother cat gives a paws up ! Eva_

  3. Michael-As we are speaking of feral cats in general and their situation; I have another feral cat under my porch this month with three babies. My options are limited as to how to handle them as I do not need any more cats. Over the past 25+ years I have rescued; fed. adopted and trapped and found homes for about 35 cats and kittens.Some of them where in Florida. The others in Tennessee where I have lived for 10+years. What can I do ? All of my help thru the shelters has run out and I do not intend to feed or care for more than my four Maine Coons, which I raised from birth.The ferals are very wild and run away when I go around back to check on them. Eva_

    • I hate to say this but there is not much that you can do because (a) emotionally you are driven to help cats that need your help and (B) there are cats in your area who need help and these are often feral cat. This is the great dilemma the people who care. It is the people who don’t care and who are irresponsible who place the burden upon those who care and the burden is unfair and too heavy often.I’m trying to think what I would do and something has to be done because I know you cannot allow them to be there while doing nothing. I suppose taking them to a shelter will only end up with them being killed so doing that is worse than doing nothing. This is another dilemma and there is no easy answer. I feel sorry for you to be honest. It is an impossible situation. Is it possible to trap them, have them neutered and then find homes for them or at least the kittens? That might well be impractical and on its own it is a burden that you could do without I suspect.

  4. Gabriel is a real sweetie, Michael. He’s very lucky to have found you. That smile of his isn’t sinister. He’s cute!

    I admit I don’t care much for the Humane Society. Back in 2009 when my kitten Coyote became sick I took him to the Humane Society. When I called in and told them about him and my financial condition (I was on unemployment at the time) I was told to call in to this credit card company that was associated with them. They apparently ran my credit and gave me a code which I was supposed to give to the intake personal at the HS when I took Coyote in. Coyote had a birth defect. He was so small down there they didn’t have a catheter small enough for him. He was only 11 months old. Male cats usually don’t block up that completely until they are older. There was no hope for him, so I made the decision to have him euthanized. I found out later that the code I was given meant that that my credit was bad and that the doctors were supposed to provide very minimal care. I have come to realize there was no hope and that was his destiny, since no other vets in the area would have treated him anyway, but I have to admit to this day I still feel animosity towards HS for that.

    • HSUS is so, incredibly, undercover that no animal is safe in their care.
      Their demure is “no kill” but they lie.
      They are a billion dollar money hungry organization.

  5. Not really much to write about, Michael.
    You presented the good, bad, and ugly of it all.

    Steve Wozniak’s video is moving; but, people need to keep in mind that the Humane Society really isn’t “no kill”. It behooves them to dig deeper to discover that they are a billion dollar “secret” organization that sucks the life out of people like us for donations.
    Search the many articles here, and you will read terrible things about them.

    It’s so fortunate that handsome Gabriel resided in your country. He would have become “toast” here, without care, emotion, or an afterthought; just a part of the big landfill.
    Can you imagine that?


    • Thanks Dee. Yes, I have since learnt a bit about the Humane Society thanks to you. A lot of these big charities are questionable. Gabriel got a lucky break. And me. I’d do anything for him. It makes me sad to think that so many feral cats have no life at all, just a brutal, short existence and we, good old homo sapiens, made it thus.

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