Essay on lion for class 1

This is an essay on the lion for class 1. There a picture of the essay and below it there are words which can be copied. Anyone can use the essay as they want to. Obviously it is written in very simple English and very short. It covers basic information about the lion and no more. You can read a more advanced essay about the lion by clicking the link below.

Essay On The Lion For Students

Most lions live in Africa. They are big and strong. They live together. Only lions do this. Lions have a lot of fur around their neck. This is called a mane. Lions sometimes make a lot of noise. This is when they roar. Male lions sometimes kill baby lions. Lions have very strong arms. They can kill very big animals to eat even baby elephants. Lions sleep more than any other cat. When they are not sleeping they move and hunt. There are not enough lions. We need to stop killing them. I love lions.

Note to parents: the most important thing about lions is that they are becoming increasingly endangered. Nothing can be more important than that because if we go on as we are there is the possibility that lions will be extinct in the wild in the not too distant future. Any essay on a lion must always include a reference to conservation. Trophy hunting is something that should stop although trophy hunters say that it improves conservation. I don’t believe that.

Short Essay on Wildlife Conservation for Students

If anybody would like to try their hand at writing an essay about the lion for class one or two or three or four then please submit it in a comment below and I will publish it if I think that it is good enough.

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