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Essay on Stray Animals — 3 Comments

  1. I might add that when a stray animal is found, a good picture or two should be taken, and it should be brought to a shelter to see if it’s been micro-chipped, and a “found” report filed. In addition to these things, an online post can be helpful, and also checking to see if the pet is listed under the lost section.

    Many years ago, a cat showed up in our yard, even though we had a dog. She wasn’t skinny or dirty, so I thought she’d probably just wandered away from home. But she continued to come around, even though I didn’t feed her.

    She was a friendly black, long haired Persian mix, and even jumped in my car as I would take off to the store. I didn’t even know about microchips. It was 1972. I didn’t even think to take her to a shelter.

    We were getting ready to move, and on moving day when she jumped in the car, I just took her with us. She sat on my lap perfectly contented during the hour drive.

    She lived for another year before getting cancer.

    I’ve learned so many thing about how to deal stray pets since then.

    I had an interesting experience in the past 2 weeks. I saw a tiny dog with no tag, wandering around the area close to our house.

    I was able to pet the dog, but when I tried to pick him up, he bolted. I continued to see him for several days afterwards. I checked CraigsList in the lost section, and also posted in the “found” section. I had one response, asking about the markings. I hadn’t been able to get a picture of the dog.

    A few days passed, and I didn’t see the dog, until I was walking past a house, close to mine. I spotted the dog on someone’s porch, and asked the owner if it was her dog. She replied that he was an escape artist, and that she had since put up a barrier.

    It seemed strange that the dog had “escaped” so many times before she put up the barrier. I experienced a similar situation when I found a small sweet dog last year, who happened to have an ID tag with the owner’s number.

    I called, and left a message. When they returned the call, it was to say that he’s always escaping. It was many hours before someone came to get him. In the meantime I’d taken several pictures of him.

    The owner showed a kind of put out attitude when he reluctantly came to get him.

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