Essay on Tiger for Class 4

This is an essay about the tiger for class 4, or children who are about 9-10 years old. Children can use it as they want to. There is a print button above (click the extension icon). Just click that to print it.

The tiger is the largest wild cat. The most important thing about the tiger is that it needs to be saved. The tiger needs to be saved from being killed by people. People also need to make sure that tigers have places to live in. There are more people in the world than 100 years ago when there were lots of tigers. People live and work where the tiger lives. There is less room for the tiger. People kill the animals that tigers like to eat. There are less animals for the tiger to eat. All these things means that there are less tigers. We must save the tiger.

Essay on the tiger for class 4

Essay on the tiger for class 4

The good news is that most people want to save the tiger. The tiger is protected. They live in places which people can’t destroy. But there are still people who want to kill the tiger to make money.

We are not sure how many tigers there are in the world. We think it is about 3,500. The tiger we see the most is the Bengal tiger. The largest tiger lives in Siberia. The Siberian tiger is the largest cat in the world.

The tiger is orange with black stripes. Each tiger has different stripes. You know a tiger by its stripes. The stripes make the tiger hard to see in the jungle.

The tiger lives in a part of the world called Asia. This is where there are countries like India, Bangladesh and Burma. In these countries the are plenty of woods and jungles for tigers to live in. There are no tigers in Africa or America. There used to be tigers in China but there are none left. The Siberian tiger lives in Siberia which is in Russia.

The tiger is amazingly strong. They like to kill large animals to eat. They eat lots of different animals even small ones. They have to because people kill the same animals that the tiger eats. Where there are rivers the tiger likes to keep cool by staying in the water. They are good swimmers.

Some tigers have killed people. The tiger does not want to kill people. If a tiger is hurt or very hungry he may attack a person. Very few people are killed by tigers. People should not live in the same place as tigers. Sometimes they do because there is not enough space for people.

There are some white tigers in the world. They are all in zoos because they are popular. There are no longer any white tigers living in jungles and forests. People think that there were also blue tigers. You will never see them today.

Everyone needs to think about how to save the tiger. We need to make sure that tigers are around in 100 years from now.

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