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Established cat dislikes new puppy so owner wants rid of cat — 5 Comments

  1. Anyone that ignorant of animal behavior should NOT have any. Poor Wilfred is trying to establish pecking order. It’s what ALL animals do. I hope someone adopts Wilfred, and the other two cats are not attacked by the puppy when he gets older.


  2. The owner of poor Wilfred is a moron.

    Her life is in a tailspin, she made an unwise decision in buying a pup when her son is leaving home. Don’t bring new animals into a home when big changes are looming

    Her behaviour of making Golden Children or Scapegoats out of individual animals to me anyway, is a worrying sign of someone who should steer clear of all non humans animals

    I really hope Laura manages to find the loving, safe home that Wilfred (& all the

    remaining pets, including the pup) deserve

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