Established cat dislikes new puppy so owner wants rid of cat

A woman owns three cats one of whom is Wilfred. He is seven-years-of-age. She bought a beautiful Husky puppy. Two of the three cats accepted the new dog but Wilfred couldn’t. His behavior is described as “throwing tantrums and misbehaving”.

Established cat dislikes new puppy so owner wants rid of cat
Photo: Facebook. Text added.
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The owner of these three cats and one dog said that she now hates Wilfred and that he will have to go. The person who is reciting the story and who knows the woman, Laura Morrison, asked whether she would consider re-homing the puppy because Wilfred had been with her for a long time. The woman said she was not getting rid of the puppy and the only animal to leave home was going to be Wilfred. She said that she hates Wilfred for his misbehaving. She seems to be conveniently ignoring the fact that Wilfred is ‘misbehaving’ (behaving normally and predictably in fact) for good reasons which have been created by the woman who hates him.

Wilfred has been swatting at the puppy. He is showing signs of disapproval. Wilfred is clearly very upset by the newcomer. Laura thinks that Wilfred is in danger. What she means is he’ll end up relinquished at a shelter where he’ll be euthanized.

Wilfred’s owner thinks that Wilfred doesn’t like her anyway and to compound the problem the woman’s son is leaving for college and he’s the only person in the household who can interact with Wilfred nicely.

The owner is insistent and intransigent: the puppy comes first and she wants the cat out of the house no matter what.

As a consequence, Laura is appealing to cat lovers and cat rescuers on Facebook to take Wilfred from this woman, to in essence rescue him because he is in danger. And he is in danger not because of the bad behavior of Wilfred because of the bad behavior of his owner. I don’t have her name. She has been kept anonymous.

Details: Charlotte NC. ‘If any adopter should step up, please know that veterinarian references will be a must’. 704-877-0916.

5 thoughts on “Established cat dislikes new puppy so owner wants rid of cat”

  1. Anyone that ignorant of animal behavior should NOT have any. Poor Wilfred is trying to establish pecking order. It’s what ALL animals do. I hope someone adopts Wilfred, and the other two cats are not attacked by the puppy when he gets older.


  2. The owner of poor Wilfred is a moron.

    Her life is in a tailspin, she made an unwise decision in buying a pup when her son is leaving home. Don’t bring new animals into a home when big changes are looming

    Her behaviour of making Golden Children or Scapegoats out of individual animals to me anyway, is a worrying sign of someone who should steer clear of all non humans animals

    I really hope Laura manages to find the loving, safe home that Wilfred (& all the

    remaining pets, including the pup) deserve


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