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Ethical Pet Adoption versus Saving a Life — 9 Comments

  1. Advertising on less than credible websites like craigslist is risky. But, it may seem odd to folks, but I applaud that she rescued this dog from certain death and is trying to rehome.
    If she’s able to find a suitable home for him, why couldn’t the shelter?
    The answer is simple. Rehoming takes work but killing is easy. County shelters are lazy, lazy, lazy.

  2. think it’s not good to put any kind of animal free on any news paper or internet sight there are bad people out there looking to get them for bate dogs cats used too. and people looking to hurt animals .should always check the person out for police records to see if they have had troubles be for.check there homes.ask people next door to them about them if they fight dogs or other things.

    • Thanks Doris. I think you make a good point about Craigslist and it is a point that I made in another comment. If this lady had found a person to adopt her dog in a way other than through Craigslist and which was less fraught with difficulty, I think our behavior would be seen as more acceptable.

  3. This is a sticky subject. She did save the dog from being PTS but advertising for free is dangerous, even with vet references.

    I’ve never adopted from a shelter because of the rules. I feel if I’ve paid the fee and met their other requirements, then the animal is mine to do with as I please (within reason). I do have 5 rescue cats that I’ve vetted at my own expense. I’m very careful about re-homing those that I have rescued.

    The shelter needs to state in the contract what actions the new owner can take. Without that contract the owner is legally free to do as she wants.

    • I agree with what you say in your comment. A good contract between the shelter and adopter would probably prevented this. But even if it didn’t and even if there was a contract you could still say that it was immoral or unethical to do what she did. I’m not saying that her actions were unethical. I don’t think they were but there is this well-known problem of advertising companion animals on Craigslist so perhaps if she had rehomed the dog in some other way it would have made her actions more acceptable. Perhaps it is the Craigslist aspect of this story that ultimately is the unacceptable part of it.

  4. What about having a “sponsorship/scholarship” system that allows a person to financially support the death row animal, while the Shelter maintains the role of screening the adopter ? These animals can be ID to candidate homes, with their discounted adoption fee part of the package. The Healing Touch for Animals techniques help balance an animal’s energy system and enable them to better express themselves. So that can help compensate for those whose personalities are not easily expressed in the environment.

  5. What is the difference between an adopter adopting a dog )in order to find it a home) from a kill shelter, and the kill shelter adopting it out to someone? The adopter is at least asking for a vet reference. The shelter doesnt even ask for that. I say the dog has a better chance of finding a good home through the adopter on craigslist than sitting in a kennel at the kill shelter. Obviously the dog had been at the shelter for a while anyway if it was scheduled for pts.

    • There isn’t much difference which is why it is such a finely balanced question. It depends on the individual circumstances; how good is the individual adopter and can she or he be conned by someone on Craigslist? How rigourous is the adopter in making checks in offering her dog for adoption? Potentially, at least, a shelter should have procedures and methods to protect the welfare of the dog once adopted but shelters vary in quality. It depends on the circumstances; the people involved and the shelter.

  6. This is a tricky question. There is no simple answer. Provided the person who adopted the dog ensures that the re-adoption is carried out with care to the same standard as applied by the shelter, then what happened is all right.

    However, the adopter is not applying the same standards as a shelter and there is a risk, as you state, of the dog being picked up by a nasty person and used in research or something like that.

    However, the dog was on death row with what appears to have been a reasonable chance of being euthanised.

    There is no answer at this micro level. The answer is at a bigger level, the macro level meaning that the whole shelter system including cat and dog ownership in general needs to be revamped so there is less relinquishment and unwanted births.

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