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Ethoxyquin: is it still in fish meal in pet food? — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you for this information! I’ve passed it on to my local BB.

    You mention that “It is very hard, through internet research, to check on ingredients in cat and dog food.”
    It’s not that hard if you have the website address for the “pet food ingredient analysis” by Dr. Lisa Newman.

    This is my recommendation, and I do this every time I want to try to a new food.

    f you want to inform yourself about your pet food, find the ingredient label online, enlarge it, and print it out if possible, then go to the alphabetized “Ingredient Analysis” on PetFoodRatings.o/nutrition/analysis-of-dr-lisa-newman, and discover what may be a “difficult truth” about what you’re feeding your beloved pets.

    As for ingredients in so called “prescription food” from Hills and Royal Canin, it doesn’t surprise me. I’ve found the ingredients in “prescription pet food” to be among the worst and cheapest.

    If you’re paying top dollar for bottom dollar ingredients, you might want to investigate for yourself with the “Ingredient Analysis”. After you do this, let me know if you still think this is good for your pet’s health. Remember the first 5 ingredients are the most critical. If a “good” ingredient is listed toward the end, you can be sure there’s not much of it. You’re paying most for the first 5, including GMOs. Imagine paying MORE to feed your pet GMOs!

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