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Eureka: a maximum of 3 cats per home. No exceptions. — 2 Comments

  1. I think most municipalities have such ordinances, though people bend them, and some are hoarders. I’m not a fan of punishing or imposing harsh restrictions on the whole population because of a few idiots, but that’s the law for ya. The most I’ve had is 19 which included 4 temporary bottle babies which aren’t counted in such cases, as well as 5 kittens under 4 months old each that I was fostering and adopting out. I think if you have connections and oversight by local animal control, you should be allowed to do your thing as you’re helping with TNR, adopting, etc. I’m looking to buy a ranch or a house that’s zoned so I can have livestock and as many cats as I can handle. That’s doing it the right way.

    • Until your rural neighbors shoot and poison all your free roaming cats. Rural people value and care for all the wildlife that cats torture to death for no good reason. That’s what happened by me. Some urban pavement-brain thought that buying a “hobby farm” in the country would allow her to keep as many cats as she wanted. 800+ shot-dead cats later (sheriff approved) and she finally learned her stupid lesson. LOL

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