Eureka! Joyous photo of cat mom who found her cat after a hurricane

This joyous photo sparkles with energy and excitement because the woman has just found her cat among the rubble of her home which was destroyed by a hurricane 16 days earlier. She found her cat after more than a fortnight of searching and it is no surprise that she is incredibly excited and pleased. And it isn’t just her who is pleased because everybody who commented on this photograph on Twitter were equally happy for her and her cat who looks as if nothing has happened!

Cat lost in hurricane found after 16 days
Cat lost in hurricane found after 16 days. Photo: Twitter.
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The well-known adage “cats have nine lives” comes into play. They are great survivors and 16 days surviving among the rubble is nothing special for a domestic cat. One cat was trapped in a container for two months and survived.

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Although, on a more serious and less joyful note I always wonder why cats are lost in hurricanes because there must have been plenty of forewarning. The owner must have had hours or even days of preparation before the hurricane arrived due to accurate forecasting. There would have been plenty of time for her to get her cat into a carrier and place herself, her precious possessions and her cat in her car and driven away. Why didn’t it happen? Perhaps I am being too critical or perhaps it is down to human nature. When push comes to shove and the human has to do something to survive an emergency, they naturally think of themselves.

This is entirely understandable and there are also the other difficulties in that sometimes cats can be difficult to find quickly. Sometimes you can’t even find them within your own home without a careful search. Perhaps this happened in this instance.

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1 thought on “Eureka! Joyous photo of cat mom who found her cat after a hurricane”

  1. tamara beinlich

    Yes hurricane are predicable people know they are coming. I suspect looking at the destruction, the woman evacuated but left the cat behind to fend for herself. With a tornado you’re lucky to get a 5 minute warning but hurricanes are tracked for days before they hit. Yup she left her cat behind…

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