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European countries where you can hunt and shoot outdoor domestic, stray and feral cats — 4 Comments

  1. Glad that “Woody” aka “Betty” has been banned, but wont he just come up with a new alias?

  2. How far should we go to protect prey from it’s natural predators? Hunt and kill cats because they hunt and eat lizards? It seems that all the way down the food chain, all beings kill to survive. Humans are actually able to survive without killing or eating what’s been killed for them, but most choose not to.

    The act of torturing and killing for sport is the lowest form of human behavior. It signifies to me that we really haven’t come very far in mass evolution of consciousness. And children are learning to torture and kill from their guardians, who will then pass it on to their offspring, unless a new awareness happens somewhere along the way, to break that pattern.

    That is the mandate of the animal activists who have been able to change some laws, though the killing mind may remain the same. I’d like to hear about people who have had an “awakening” from that previous mentality.

    I haven’t done any research on this, since it’s just a curiosity, and low on my list.

    • An ‘awakening’ is needed (a good word). If a person likes sport hunting I think it is for life. I don’t feel that these people can change. It is a permanent trait. I have never even considered it and have always hated it. As you say sport hunters are for me, unenlightened individuals who are similar to Neanderthal man in some ways in that their mentality is so uneducated. They have not developed. Father teaches son and daughter to perpetuate it just like father/mother perpetuates a lack of respect for animals. There thinking is centuries out of date as far as I a concerned.

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