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Euthanasia alert in North Carolina: 81-year-old dying senior found with more than 30 cats — 11 Comments

  1. I am able to provide transportation anywhere between you and the Triangle if you can find rescues that will take animals. I do not know of or work with any rescues personally but let me know if you need help with transportation.

    • Barbara please go look at the post on Laura Morrison’s wall. She’s desperately trying to get more people involved in this.

  2. UPDATE:

    We have potential rescue for 3 Adults going up north on Monday !!


    Seven kittens have been removed. They were filthy and riddled with earmites and some with fleas. Rescuers were up late bathing and administering Antibiotics. One kitten is very sick and went home with Zach’s Rescue due to their access to emergency services.
    We cannot personally take every cat from the home and vet them or hold them overnite while waiting for rescue. There is no facility to hold them. ..it would take hours and hours to find resources..That would kill the average person. The smell in this home is drenched with feces, urine and vomit. One rescuer is sick this morning. If you can help, you will need to come to the address or send a rep. We will do what we can. Another volunteer is showing up this morning to help with possible Ferals.
    The young kitten that is sick will need donations today. Thank you everyone for all that you’re doing far as sharing and referrals.
    It’s vital…


  3. These cats will be considered owner surrenders as soon as they hit the shelter and not subject to mandatory stray hold times.

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