Eve The Halloween Kitty

Eve The Halloween Kitty

by Bambi

My 9 year old son was out in front of the house with me on Halloween. We were waiting for the trick or treaters to start coming by. While we waited on the drive way, I heard something.

I asked my son “What was that?” and he said, “Look mom it’s a kitten and it’s just sitting in the middle of the street”.

I quickly ran over to pick up the four month old kitten so cars wouldn’t hit her.

Even with her being feral she let me do this (it was meant to be). I offered her food and water. She wasn’t too sure about eating the kitten chow but soon started eating and she was so thirsty.

We kept her and named her “Eve” for “All Hallows Eve”.

We are keeping her in the house until we get her shots and spay her. She is a wild one, full of mischief!

She now gets along with our 75 lbs. dog. She is not little animal friendly so we keep her away from our small critters.

She is a work in progress but we have lots of patients LOL !^..^


10th Dec. 2010 – Hi Bambi.. thanks for a really nice little story of cat concern and love.

She is lucky to have had you rescue her. I wish you years of pleasure and mutual love and a Happy Christmas together!

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Feral cats.

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