Ever felt like hiting a man who killed a cat? This guy did.

Shafiq Khan posted his smartphone video on Facebook. It shows a man on the ground with a bloody face who is alleged to have kicked a cat to death. The story is that a person who feeds cats punched this man in the face. I presume one of the cats who was being fed was the one killed by this man.

He took the law into his own hands and I can see where he got the depth of feeling from to do this. The guy on the ground says “call the police”. He tries to stand up and fails. You can hear his head hitting the concrete floor when he rolls back over on the ground. If the police came they’d have to arrest both men or treat them both as potential criminals. For me the guy who punched the man is not a criminal.

The majority of Facebook viewers of the video supported the cat feeder in hiting the man. Some naturally objected to it because it is adding to the violence.

I regret to say that if had been the cat feeder I’d have done the same thing. I detest people who are cruel to animals. I want to hit them. It is as simple as that. And I don’t care if it seems immoral or if it is illegal. The event took place in Singapore.

4 thoughts on “Ever felt like hiting a man who killed a cat? This guy did.”

  1. Yeah I’m with you on this Michael. I dare say I don’t even care if these “people” could be rehabilitated to change their ways. They just need to be gone from the planet. There’s too many people in the first place – no need for them – no want for them, and there needs to be consequence to make others think twice and not ever harm an animal.


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