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Every bastard who posts animal abuse on social media needs to go down like this — 5 Comments

  1. I did not want any one distracting from the joy of knowing the monster got jail time and Chester lived and is loved. Many cats do not survive and abusers keep killing. If anyone is going to imply that it was Chester’s owner’s fault he got abused I will have a stroke. Have to admit I am proud to say I grew up in New York, a state that takes animal abuse seriously.

  2. I think animal abusers should get life in prison, nothing less. Because the moment they get out, they abuse another animal or little kid, or both. All animal abusers are potential serial killers. They shouldn’t be allowed to roam free and terrorize.

  3. Merisan G This was not an invitation to vomit out your cat owners are bad rhetoric on your soapbox. This is a celebration of psycho animal abusers finally getting jail time and having consequences. And to NYC for having the guts to establish an Animal Abuse Registry. And God Bless all the law enforcement people who brought this monster to justice and the people who cared for and love Chester. Cats kill small animals out of instinct. Humans torture, abuse, enslave, exploit and murder animals for profit, greed, selfishness. While I myself have an indoor only cat I live and let live. I do not advocate wiping out other species or their owners. So take your BS off this site. We love cats. Go volunteer and donate at an animal shelter if you do not know what to do with your time.

    • Thank you Michele for the title to this article. I had to adopt it as it was very apt and contained a little bit of anger, fire and passion which is what I like.

  4. Owners of pets, like dogs, that are allowed to roam free and torture other animals also have their animals taken from them, their dogs destroyed, and the animals’ owners are fined and arrested. If hunting dogs, then the owner has their vehicles and hunting– gear also permanently confiscated. If only the same would happen to all criminal cat-owners who let their cats torture and harass all wildlife. The clear common-sense laws in every state of the USA against “wanton waste” alone are enough to put them all in jail-cells for a long long time.

    No wonder you do all you can to make excuses to excuse yourselves from putting collars on your cats or use other pet-ID methods. The vast majority of cat-owners couldn’t afford their fines and jail-sentences if they actually claimed ownership of their illegal animals that they allowed to violate every environmental law on earth. This is also why so few cats are reclaimed at shelters when their illegal cats are picked-up. The owner now knowing they could face a jail-sentence when giving their identification when doing so.

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