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Everytime! Cartoon of man with woman who stops to help a cat

Here is a cartoon drawing of a couple walking by a cat who meows. The woman is drawn instinctively towards the cat’s meow, a signal that the cat needs help. The man tries to put the brakes on but, I guess, to no avail. The interesting part of this posting on is the long list of comments underneath the cartoon. I have screenshotted the beginning of them below. It’s me….

Cartoon of woman stopping to help a cat

Comments on underneath cartoon of cat needing help.

Two more:

“This is me on walks with my boyfriend. He might not even see the cat, but I’m always lookin”


“My boyfriend jokes that I have a sixth sense for cat spotting haha”

Comment: this is the beauty of womens’ natural instinct to nuture the infant. When there is a cat in need it is triggered. I guess not all the time and we must not forget men! They have nurturing instincts too. There will be a wide range of instinctive behaviors. Some will not be kind, helpful and nuturing but somestimes the opposite: cat abuse because not everyone has that kind, intinct and not everyone likes cats.

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