Evidence that cats knock things over when they’re bored!

The title hints at the argument is that cats are not careless when they knock stuff over because they are incredibly precise as to where they place their paws. Cats have a direct register gait. It means that their hind paw is placed in the exact same spot as their forepaw when walking. This must help to navigate a grid of corks as seen in the video.

Evidence that cats knock things over because they are bored
Screenshot from the video on this page.
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I think we all know by now that some domestic cats occasionally knock objects off shelves. It’s because they are entertaining themselves and not because they can’t avoid the objects. Actually it is more obvious than that most of the time because they knock things off quite deliberately. The precision of paw placement must be linked to their ancestors, the wildcat. Climbing comes to mind. Wildcats are very good climbers. We see domestic cats high up on ledges on buildings, in trees and on fences walking along a 2 inch beam. They very, very rarely fall off because of carelessness as they are unafraid of heights and because they have precision in movement.

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