Evil Woman Invites Children To Kill Her Mistreated Cat

Stoke-on-Trent, UK: This cat story describes such evil and nastiness that it makes me angry. Who is this evil woman? The authorities should find out.

Minnie (named by the RSPCA), an elderly cat is still alive and being looked after by the RSPCA together with a local veterinarian but she is in a bad way. She was clearly neglected for a long time. She has three teeth and is missing part of her deformed tail. Her back legs barely function. Her paws are stained yellow (where does that come from?). Her coat is matted.

The worst part is that the woman dumped the cat where she was seen by children and told them that they could kill the cat if they wanted to. Can you believe that? She encouraged kids to kill her cat!

If I worked for the RSPCA and was on this case I’d find out who she is and charge her with attempted animal cruelty or actual animal cruelty as Minnie is in a bad way. But the obstacle to that is that the RSPCA has been criticised for taking up too many prosecutions of people who have been neglectful in their ownership of cats. There is little chance that this evil woman will be arrested and charged.

The woman has a dalmatian dog. What’s the film? The Hundred and One Dalmatians, starring Cruella de Vil – very apt.

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“Minnie is not in a good way at all. When she was found she was struggling to use her back legs and part of her tail – which was deformed – was missing. She is so thin, dehydrated and weak and has only three teeth. Her paws were stained yellow and she had a lot of matted fur.” – RSPCA inspector Natalie Perehovsky

Source: ITV News.

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  1. Her facial expression shows so much sadness and suffering.

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