Exam students can book a two-hour slot with a rescue cat to chill out

Tilly a one-year-old female cat currently at Wood Green The Animals Charity. Photo: the charity.
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Exam students can book a two-hour slot at Wood Green – The Animals Charity to sit with a rescue cat in a special soundproofed room, free from distractions but with the excellent company of a cat which as we know will have a positive effect on anxiety and stress levels.

At exam time students can become very stressed and today competition is harder and it starts with exams. The charity has come up with the idea to try and help students relax a bit and at the same time promote their charity and hopefully inspire some students to become volunteers in the future.

The students can book a slot through the charity’s partner, Quizlet, a web-based service offering learning tools and games.

One of the cats is a two-month-old kitten named Raven who is young, playful and has piercing amber eyes. The idea is imaginative and it has attracted some media coverage which is exactly as intended. Animal rescues need to show imagination to increase the possibilities of their cats being adopted. This a particularly good one and the program starts today and lasts until next Wednesday 26 June.

Revision is less stressful with a furry friend by your side. Sign up to study in the company of adoptable animals at Wood Green and help raise awareness of animals in need of a forever home. – Quizlet.com

Quizlet website.

Source: Metro.co.uk.

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