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Examiner.com is closing on 10th July 2016 (says Inquisitr.com) — 20 Comments

  1. I am an Army veteran wrote for the examiner for more than three years I wrote health food posts and recipes for the Examiner. I found that writing was soothing for me because when I started working for the Examiner I was in recovery from combat related injuries and couldn’t work for awhile. When I was finally able to work partime only as a result of my injuries, I continued to work for the Examiner to help exercise my brain. Is there another site that needs freelance journalist to contribute health food news and recipes? Thank you.

    • Hi T, thanks for commenting and requesting information. I don’t think I can help except to say that sometimes I like to publish articles from writers other than myself. If you are able to extend your repertoire to the subject of cats and write an interesting article on cats then I’d consider paying you $30 for it. No guarantees however as there are 10,000 pages on this site!

      In the meantime the best of luck.

  2. From what I’ve gathered from reviews there are a lot of bad writers, sensationalized headlines and annoying pop up ads and streaming videos that eat your data up fast. If they could streamline and keep the best and stick to normal AdSense ads I think they’d have made it.

    • Thanks for that Elisa. Perhaps they had all those ads to desperately try and increase revenue when what it did was to make the page uncomfortable to use.

    • So, is the problem that they were going bankrupt due to insensitive writers?
      So sorry, Elisa; but, I’m happy that this wasn’t a primary income for you.

      • Not insensitive. Just bad writing. I found several who write on a 2nd grade level. Examiner cleaned house months ago but by then it may have been too late. And the site is very unfriendly. Even transferring my work I’m dealing with videos playing constantly. We’ve moved almost 700 articles at this point. Power outage at home so I came to cafe to work off their electric. Here’s where they’ll be.


          • You know me. I’m a survivor. Don’t have any other choice. I’m very proud of Laura. She had on day to learn basic WordPress. She’s fast as lightning on a computer. Too bad she hates them. I really am glad she’s learning because if anything were to happen to me she could make a living building websites.

  3. I haven’t heard any reason why they’ve shut the site down. I wrote for the National Edition as Progressive Examiner since 2009 and have approximately 100 titles some of which have been read somewhat widely. In particular, I’ve been covering a radioactive landfill on fire with nuclear material from the Manhattan Project which is located in north St. Louis County. If anyone hear’s anything about why they’re shutting down a top 200 U.S. website with 8mm unique visitors per month.

    • Nice of you to comment Byron. I agree. It always surprises me when a really super successful website shuts down. They achieved massive success. It can only be that the costs are too high and the revenue is not satisfactory. If that is the case they could have made adjustments and made it more profitable. Or sold it to someone. But to delete the whole thing seems mad.

  4. Laura’s working in her room and I’m working in mine. I still have a LOT to do on the new site, including getting the menu to working. The categories are halfway working and there’s a lot we still have to add. I think the final count of actual articles will be around 2000-2500. I’ve done 5,000 but a lot of those were shelter pets and I’m not including them, unless I do a category of piece of shit owners and the shelter stories.

    Someone needs to let the Barbi twins know. They’re big Examiner supporters and may be able to make some phone calls. AXS is still functioning and could EASILY add back the animal topics, even if they had to cut a lot of the writers who either can’t write or don’t produce much product.

    • Elisa, some articles by yourself or other examiner.com authors may be reusable on PoC because they may not be time sensitive by which I mean they may have future relevance. I may be able to do a deal with some authors to buy some articles provided they are not reused elsewhere. What do you think?

  5. I love Greenville,Elisa Black-Taylor page 🙁 and I just went to Inquisitr and could not find a news piece on the subject 🙁

    • Irish they want to keep this quiet. When I wrote this, this was the only page on the internet with the actual news in an article. It will affect cat and dogs stories because there were lots of them on examiner.com.

  6. We’re all still reeling. It won’t affect me much financially because if I was lucky I’d earn enough to pay my cell phone bill each month. It was mostly to cover breaking news on dogs or articles that weren’t a good ‘fit’ for PoC and to build an internet presence. But a few of the writers I know earned a good income (probably THOUSANDS a month) and it’s like losing your job with no notice whatsoever and because it’s free lance there’s no unemployment.

    What I hate is we were all told to “preserve” our work by July 10. So I’m moving all of my major articles to a new website just so I don’t lose them. I know there are between 1000-2000 and I have such a short time to do this. My daughter had to learn WordPress in one day so she could help me copy and paste.

    Someone suggested AXS be contacted by EVERYONE who wants to continue to see dog and cat articles. AXS has dropped animal articles but are covering news and entertainment. I’ll update here when I know more.

    • Wow. I did not realise that you had up to 2,000 articles on Examiner.com. It is tricky to move 2,000 pages. This is the problem with highly commercial hosting websites. They do close sometimes and the contributors are not valued that well really. They are often treated quite badly. I remember a petition site closing and Ruth lost her anti-declaw petition which had 4,000 supporters.

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