Examples of people who’ve had plastic surgery to look like a cat

One of the most notable cases of a woman undergoing plastic surgery (PS) to adopt a cat-like appearance is that of Jocelyn Wildenstein. She is a Swiss socialite known for her extensive cosmetic surgeries, which have resulted in a look that has been described as feline. Wildenstein has reportedly undergone procedures such as canthopexy to elevate the eyes and give them a more cat-like shape.

There have also been reports of other individuals seeking to transform their appearance to resemble a cat, including a woman from Rome who has undergone over 20 body modifications for this purpose. These transformations often involve multiple surgeries and procedures, including eyelid surgeries, fillers, and other modifications to achieve the desired look.

It’s important to note that the desire for such extreme transformations is rare and often accompanied by significant risks and considerations.

I have not shown pictures of Jocelyn which are well known because they upset me. They way she destroyed her face.

Generic person who has had plastic surgery to look like a cat
Generic person who has had plastic surgery to look like a cat. I find this image more acceptable as it is not real. Image: DALL-E 3
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Why did Jocelyn Wildenstein want to look like a cat?

Jocelyn Wildenstein, often referred to as “Catwoman,” has undergone extensive plastic surgery over the years. There are various reports about her motivation for adopting a cat-like appearance. Some sources suggest that her transformation was influenced by her desire to keep her ex-husband, art dealer Alec Wildenstein, attracted to her, as he was a known lover of big cats. Others believe that her fascination with felines played a role in her decision. However, it’s important to note that Jocelyn Wildenstein herself has denied these stories, claiming that she underwent the transformation for her own reasons. The true motivation behind her unique look may be known only to Wildenstein herself.

Why did Jocelyn Wildenstein have plastic surgery?

Jocelyn Wildenstein, a Swiss socialite, is known for her extensive cosmetic surgeries which have given her a catlike appearance. She has admitted to undergoing a multi-million-dollar surgery to make her eyes more cat-like, which she did with her husband. According to some sources, her decision to undergo numerous surgeries was influenced by her fear of her husband leaving her. Alec Wildenstein, her ex-husband, reportedly said, “She was thinking that she could fix her face like a piece of furniture. Skin does not work that way. But she wouldn’t listen”. It’s important to note that people undergo plastic surgery for various personal reasons, and in the case of Jocelyn Wildenstein, it seems to have been a complex mix of personal insecurities and relationship dynamics.

Have any TikTok influencers undergone plastic surgery to look like a cat?

Yes, there have been instances where TikTok influencers have undergone plastic surgery to achieve a cat-like appearance. One such influencer is Nasrin Corfield Smith, who underwent a procedure known as ‘cat eye’ surgery. This surgery is designed to lift the corners of the eyes and cheeks, aiming to give a more feline look to the face. It’s important to approach such surgeries with caution due to the risks involved and the permanence of the changes they bring.

Jolene Dawson, a 28-year-old musician from Gold Coast, Australia, has undergone significant plastic surgery. She has reportedly spent over £10,000 to achieve a cat-like appearance, which she believes helps her inspire others and feel more comfortable with herself. This transformation includes injectables to give her a cat-like snout and an experimental suspension thread procedure to flare out her nostrils.

Previously, Dawson had spent a substantial amount on cosmetic surgery to look like a Bratz doll but decided to change her appearance after feeling that too many other influencers were emulating the Bratz doll look.

Despite a past botched nose job, she continued with her modifications, which also involve laser hair removal and plans for subdermal implants to create a cat ear-shaped silhouette. Her journey and transformations have been shared with her followers on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Report on Teyana Taylor’s plastic surgery

Teyana Taylor
Teyana Taylor. Image in the public domain (believed).

Teyana Taylor has been open about her use of facial injectables, specifically mentioning her experience with Xeomin, which she describes as a quick and relatively painless procedure to help with frown lines. She has also undergone breast reduction surgery after the birth of her daughter due to discomfort from her breast size2. Additionally, there have been speculations about other cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty and butt implants, although Taylor has not confirmed these allegations3. In 2021, she had emergency surgery to remove lumps from her breasts, which thankfully resulted in an all-clear pathology report.

The above report misses PS to make her look like a cat:

Teyana Taylor post PS to look like a cat and she does!
Teyana Taylor post PS to look like a cat and she does! It is hard to believe that this is real and not photo-edited. Is this real or an example of photo-editing? Image: social media and in the public domain.

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This is not a comprehensive roundup far from it but it gives a flavour of what happens in the rarified world of extreme PS to look like a cat. There is a group of women who are it seems obsessed with looking like a cat.

Do people who have plastic surgery to look like a cat need to see a psychiatrist?

We need to respect all people including those who have PS that looks entirely wrong to many people and which might indicate mental health issues. To the people who’ve had the surgery it looks great. But this might be body dysmorphism.

The decision to undergo plastic surgery, including procedures to alter one’s appearance to resemble something non-human, is a significant one. It’s important for individuals to ensure they are doing it for the right reasons and have realistic expectations about the outcomes. Responsible plastic surgeons often require prospective patients to undergo a psychological evaluation before finalizing their decision. This is to ensure that the surgery is in the patient’s best interest and not a manifestation of a deeper, underlying issue that could be better addressed through other means, such as psychotherapy or psychiatric treatment.

In some cases, individuals may have conditions like body dysmorphic disorder, where they experience extreme distress about a physical feature that appears unremarkable to others. Research indicates that cosmetic surgery generally does not significantly improve the well-being of patients with such conditions, and they may benefit more from mental health interventions.

Therefore, while not everyone who chooses to undergo such surgeries needs psychiatric care, a psychological assessment can be an important step in ensuring the well-being of the individual seeking surgery.

What are the influences on people who want to look like a cat?

The desire to look like a cat or any other animal can be influenced by a variety of factors. Some individuals may be inspired by a deep appreciation or affinity for the aesthetic or symbolic qualities of cats. Others might be influenced by cultural representations of cats in media, mythology, or fashion. The concept of anthropomorphism, where human characteristics are attributed to animals, can also play a role. Additionally, the influence of certain subcultures or communities that celebrate animal-like appearances could contribute to this desire.

It’s also worth noting that for some, the transformation may be an expression of their identity or a form of art and self-expression. The reasons are as diverse as the individuals themselves, and each person’s motivation can be deeply personal.

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