Excellent black-and-white photograph of a long-haired cat

I like the texture of the image and the way the fur flows as if blown by a gust of wind. The lighting is very nice. Espen did a bit of photo-editing to achieve this tonal quality. The background has been shaded. I expect he used Adobe Lightroom which is the photo-editing software of choice for many proficient photographers.

Excellent black-and-white photograph of a pretty longhaired domestic cat
Excellent black-and-white photograph of a pretty longhaired domestic cat. Photo by Espen Stabforsmo on Flickr.
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The cat is probably a random bred. She is a tabby with a bit of a ruff around the neck. There is a hint of Maine Coon but I don’t think this is a Maine Coon because the features are not strongly Maine Coon. The best aspect of this photo is the way the light falls on the fur providing this wide tonal range and luminescent appearance. Nice work Espen. I’d like to see the eyes lit a little brighter for me. And a highlight in the cornea of the eye to set them off. They are in the shadows which makes them harder to see. However, it does help to create this quiet, contemplative mood.

Here is the same image embedded from the Flickr website. The reason why I have published both is because this embedded version may disappear over time.

The old one

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